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    Thermilate Insulating Additive for All Paints

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    Insulating Paint Additive,Cuts Heat Loss, Stops Mould

    Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive Reduces Heat Loss in Your Home or Property through INTERNAL, EXTERNAL WALLS  CEILINGS

    Having been featured on several TV programmes such as BBC'S TOMORROW'S WORLD, Changing Room, THERMILATE, the revolutionary, durable paint additive that makes paint insulate is now available to home owners, maintenance  painting contractors.

    This very practical product can be added to virtually any kind of paint… from interior emulsion, exterior masonry paint, gloss paint on steel, you name it. In all cases, it will reduce heat loss out through the substrate.

    AND… it also works the other way around, if you wanted to keep heat inside pipes, hot water tank etc, the Thermilate additive reduces heat loss when 2 or 3 coats of treated paint are applied to the pipe etc.The two images on the right aboveshows Thermilate used in oil based paint on inside of a steel barge to stop / reduce condensation on the steel walls.

    Steel Roof Condensation

    Another handy application we have been told about which gets excellent results was where condensation occurs on underside of a steel roof, also known as steel roof condensation such as commonly found on corrugated steel, sheds / workshops, steel containers  so on. In this scenario, the handiest option is add the Thermilate to any appropriate paint and apply a coat or better still two coats.

    Idea is to apply 2 or 3 coats of any oil based paint with one bottle of Thermilate per 5 Litres of paint.


    Saves on heating bills because less heat / energy will be required for the same results.

    Reduces or eliminates mould on 'cold walls' etc

    Helps reduce condensation / damp wall problems

    Customer Comments Below:


    Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive can be used in conjunction with our Warmcoat Advanced… Use the Warmcoat for the first two coats and add the Thermilate Additive to the final COLOUR coat.

    Available in 1 litre bottle – enough for 5 litres of any paint.

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    Yes I bought the powder additive which I mixed with either dulux paint or crown pain which was to make the bedroom warmer and also to help us with cols pots in corners of the walls which was getting mould which have helped 80%, Its been used to paint our daughters bedroom as in her room it has thin wallpaper so we added this to it to bring the room up to temperature which worked fine. Regards

    By J BOLDY Home Owner, Thermilate Additive

    We used the paint in the back bedroom and also installed a ventilaion system in the attic and together they seem to have stopped the problem with black around the window and wall.

    By Bev Rees Home Owner, Thermilate Additive

    Reference your survey on My purchase of your Thermilete product. I have over 40 years experience in Thermal Insulation applications including  Marine & Industrial painting (On and Offshore) UK and Overseas. At present I have been using your Thermilte powder additive to emulsion paint interior and exterior applications to Wall and Roof tile coating. Internally I have expereinced the benifit of this application and based on application from last winter here in the UK and find it  has positive rsults.. The instructions are simple.., add the contents to 5 Ltrs of paint and  apply coat 2 coats and then apply a final colour of your choce as an final encapulation. Its work's!! So I am pleased about this on my home project..I will also use your product on Marine Contracts that I am estimating on at present. The realality is  you can use your powder  addditive on any application where you require a simple Insulation application with minimum of skill. Regards

    By RNC Berry - Thermal Insulation Applications, Thermilate Additive

    We purchased your thermilate paint additive because we have a spare bedroom that our granddaughter uses at weekends and even with central heating we have always found the room to be cold as it has two 'outside' walls.  We used your product on the two walls when we decorated and then papered over one of the  walls.  We have found that the wall that was papered over is warm to the touch but the wall we just painted is not as successful.  I have mentioned to my husband that if we have enough paper we are going to do the wall again.  We think your product is very good.  Our house was built in 1918 and we have now found a couple of damp patches downstairs in the dining room and we will be treating these areas this winter when we decorate. Yours sincerely

    By Mrs J Bottomley Home Owner, Thermilate Additive

    " I used Thermilate in 2 bedrooms, where I always had a condensation problem. We’d tried cleaning it off on a number of occasions, and tried lots of other things to get rid of it. But it would always come back.  We applied Thermilate in both rooms. We really cannot believe Thermilate has completely eliminated the condensation. It also came with an added benefit, the room is now a lot warmer. I have a similar problem in my lounge, which is quite large, and we will be buying some more to use there too. I really would recommend Thermilate to anyone."

    By Mrs V Leith Home Owner Doncaster, Thermilate Additive

    "Thermilate was used in the back bedroom, for reducing condensation.
    I used a few different types of paints designed specifically for preventing condensation, but they never worked, and the condensation always came back. However, a year later, and unbelievable,  no condensation plus the average temperature in the room before I painted was 16c, and after applying Thermilate is 19-20c. One of my friends has a similar problem with condensation, and I advised him to use Thermilate. He has recently painted it too. We are all very very pleased with the results, I am sure he will be too."

    By Mrs Forrester Home Owner Leicestershire, Thermilate Additive

    I used the product in my paint when redecorating my bedroom which had quite a bit of mould growth which was causing health issues. After treating the areas with a liquid mould killer, mould resistant primer and adding mould inhibitor to the paint, I also added the thermalite. The process was easy and the finish although slightly fibrous in appearance was fine, I have not had any mould growth since and the walls do appear to be staying a bit warmer.
    I only have to replace the radiator as this was only aboutr a third of the recommended power and the room will to all intents and purposes be fine. Whne redecoratin g the rest of the flat I will probably use thrmealite in the paint to try and save monet with the insylating properties. The wall I treated were exterior NW facing walls which always seemed cold before. The room does seem more tolerable and also not as hot in the summer.
    Would I recommend the product thermalite? Yes I would and actually have to friends and family. Thanks for what seems like a winner product. Kind regards

    By John C Riddle Home Owner, Thermilate Additive

    "I have no central heating in my house, so in the winter, as soon as I left the lounge the house was always absolutely freezing, as this is the only room with a gas fire or any method of heating.  The bathroom was particularly cold, and also had trouble with condensation.  I saw Thermilate, and thought I'd give it a try. I decided to buy it, because it has been developed in association with NASA, and has been tested by many other independent organisations. I thought I’d give it a try, nothing to lose. I can certainly tell you I am very very happy with the results…nearly a year later and still no condensation in the bathroom, and the best thing is my house at last actually feels unbelievably warmer throughout the winter, (I could actually leave the lounge).  I haven't measured the exact temperature, I don't need to, it’s so much warmer maybe at least 3-4 degrees, even the walls feel warmer.  Thermilate is an incredible product”

    By Miss T Fenwick Home Owner Louth, Thermilate Additive

    "On renovating my son's bungalow, first we installed D.I.Y electric central heating mats over the concrete floors.  Each room having its own thermostat and timer. By now (late September), we had painted the first bedroom with Thermilate this was reading 27C. The second bedroom without Thermilate was 24C. The temperature difference is remarkable. I have now ordered more Thermilate for my own house to lower fuel costs.

    By Mr R Hawkes Home Owner Devon, Thermilate Additive

    Thermilate was extremely easy to use, the instructions were very clear, I simply poured it into the paint and stirred. It seemed to have cured the problem, and it actually had a fantastic added benefit for me. I decided to measure the temperature difference in the room, and to my amazement, I found that previously the average temperature in the room was 15c and now it is actually 18c, this was throughout the winter season.
    At the moment I'm just finding time to redecorate, so I can use it in the other rooms in the house too, and make the most of the heat savings. Thermilate helped save 3 degrees;  it truly is a fantastic product."

    By Mr Watson-Thomas Kent, Thermilate Additive
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