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    Multi Use Red - Protective Film

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    Self-adhesive film, quickly and simply applied to most hard surfaces such as worktops and kitchen units and protects against scratches, dirt, dust, spills and splashes.

    Specially formulated, Multi Use Red™ removes clean and it's obvious colour sends a clear signal that it is protecting a finished sensitive surface. 

    • QUICKLY APPLIED  Simply roll out and smooth into place. 
    • FIXING  Self adhesive, does not require tape or additional fixing.  
    • STAYS IN PLACE  Being self-adhesive, once applied Multi Use Red™ will stay in place ensuring your surface is constantly protected. 
    • LEAVES NO RESIDUE  Special technology ensures that the adhesive remains on the product and doesn’t transfer to the protected surface upon removal. 
    • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH  Puncture and tear resistant. 
    • WATERPROOF  Stops contamination from spills. 
    • HYGIENIC  Can be swept or vacuumed prior to removal, avoids the spread of contamination.

    Roll size 600mm x 50 Meters.

    To download the full Igoe Protecta Catalogue & price list please click link below:

    Igoe Protecta Catalogue

    Igoe Protecta Price List

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