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    Renovation Plaster 20KG

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    No More Damp Renovation Plaster is a BBA Approved, fibre reinforced, lightweight, cementitious plaster. It is designed to have similar properties to a 1:1:6 cement:lime:sand plastering mortar.

    Perlite lightweight aggregates replace a proportion of the sand which improves thermal resistance, reduces condensation and heat loss. Special waterproofing additives, along with a porous structure effectively control dampness and salt migration whilst allowing the wall to dry out.

    Can be used as part of the No More Damp Waterproofing System or in conjunction with Hydradry Tanking Slurry. It is particularly useful where improved thermal performance is required, reducing the risk of condensation on external walls or in basements. 

    Renovation Plaster should be used as detailed in our product guide and in accordance with the recommendations in BS 5492:1990 Code of Practice for Interior Plastering.

    • Effectively controls dampness and salt migration
    • Fibre reinforced to eliminate cracking and grazing
    • Breathable - Allows substrates to dry out naturally
    • Provides insulating properties
    • Reduces condensation on walls
    • Retards mould growth
    • Inhibits rusting of angle beads and conduits etc.
    • High coverage rate
    • Lightweight for easy application
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