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  • Owatrol Deco is a high quality multipurpose oil based paint suitable for a vast range of applications.
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    Owatrol Deco Multipurpose Paint

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    Owatrol Deco is an oil-based, non-peel multi-surface paint suitable for all surfaces with built-in rust inhibiting qualities. It comes in 13 decorative finishes and does not require any priming or undercoating before use. With Owatrol Oil technology, Owatrol Deco provides exceptional corrosion protection and excellent resistance to the effects of weathering and pollution. It can be applied directly to rusted surfaces as it penetrates down to the sound metal, providing long-lasting protection and extending the lifetime of the treated surface.

    Owatrol Deco is suitable for interior and exterior uses and will adhere to all surfaces. Because of its high gloss finish, which is extremely flexible, it will not peel or flake making it perfect for use on flexible surfaces like plastics and uPVC.  Not only that but it is safe to use in confined spaces as it does not emit harmful fumes. It delivers an exceptional oil-based finish with very low VOC levels.

    Ideal Uses for Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint

    • Reviving plastic guttering and drainpipes without having to replace them
    • Painting your uPVC window and door frames for a fresh new look
    • Protecting pipe work and machinery parts from corrosion
    • Finishing agricultural or industrial buildings
    • Protecting and re-painting rusted gates and metal railings
    • Re-painting radiators as it can withstand temperatures up to 175˚C
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