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    Owatrol Oil For Rust Treatment TEST PAGE IGNORE

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    How To Stop Rust... (Rust Treatment)

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    Owatrol is a powerful metal rust remover which Gets To The Root Of The Problem... Expels Moisture And Oxygen = Rust Food  

    Owatrol Solves the root cause of the rust problem. Owatrol penetrates deep down into the smallest micro pores of the metal all the way down to the ‘good steel’ behind, displaces moisture and air from those rust pores as it travels, thereby removing all ‘rust food’ and stops the rusting action.

    If you are painting over rust whether you are dealing with a steel bridge,  vintage tractor, rusty steel railings, fire escape, whatever - the problem of rust is universal and the solution is Owatrol oil.  

    See the 33 photographs down below on the left... for detailed information - click on each image. 

    These photos will give you some insight into the vast number of applications of Owatrol Oil as a solution for rust.

    Owatrol Oil gets into places no other rust treatment can get into. They all sit on the surface and are unable to deal with the hidden rust trapped within.  

    How Does This Compare With Other Rust "Cures"? 
    Generally speaking, your normal options to treat and restore a rusted steel surface would be, wire brushing, shot or sand blasting, needle gun, even sand paper.

    In all cases, yes, you can do a good job "ON WHAT YOU CAN SEE".  

    Unfortunately, all those standard rust treatment methods fail to deal with that HIDDEN rust in between the joints, because they cannot get in there! Owatrol has no trouble at all penetrating in between those sections, and in so doing, drives out all hidden, trapped moisture and oxygen, thereby delivering a fatal blow to the rust.  

    More on this process below…  

    Because of its unique deep penetrating ability, Owatrol Oil has been found to be one of the most successful ways to remove rust from steel.  

    Firstly, in simple terms (no big words or tech speak) rust develops as a result of the coming together of moisture, oxygen and ferrous steel / iron. A reaction takes place which ultimately causes the steel to break down into the brownish material we call rust.  

    How To Stop Rust.  

    Owatrol Oil works in a very simple and logical way. When applied to a rusty surface, the Owatrol Oil (which is a lot wetter than water) penetrates all the way in to the ‘good steel’ at the back, and while so doing, it displaces all traces of moisture and oxygen / air [rust food] from within the rusts pores and takes their place drying (overnight) out to a clear varnish-like, flexible membrane.   

    In virtually all cases, hidden steel joints, crevices, pores etc contain pockets of moisture and oxygen, and despite any known method of removal, such as wire brushing, sand or shot blasting, mechanical guns etc, these ‘pockets’ cannot be reached which means that despite your best efforts, any paint job will result in a fresh outbreak of rust again in those crevices  pores in no time at all.  

    You might imagine that on a good dry day those pockets or pores will not contain moisture or oxygen…

    You would be very surprised to discover that usually, despite how good the weather is, those pockets of moisture / oxygen are still trapped inside the metal.

    Take the example of the mirror in your bathroom after a shower etc. It becomes fogged up with what is clearly moisture, but yet it will not fall down off the glass because it is not heavy enough.

    If you rub one of your fingers along the mirror you will observe that the moisture will gather into a few droplets of water which will have become heavy enough to run down the glass.

    That is exactly what Owatrol Oil does inside the rusts’ pores. It pushes out and displaces all traces of moisture and air / oxygen (aka rust food) taking over and occupying those pores completely.  

    Like water in a glass, when full it is full and you cannot add any more.

    Same with the inside of the rust pores, when they have become full of Owatrol oil, they cannot take in any more moisture or even oxygen because the pores are already totally full of the oil**, which in turn means that the rust, starved if its vital food, cannot return for a very long time indeed. **The Owatrol Oil dries out overnight forming a clear, varnishy looking flexible membrane.

    There are many other better known ‘rust solutions’ out there, but none of them can do what Owatrol Oil can do. They all tend to go over the problem. Owatrol Oil deals with the real underlying core issue… removal of ‘rust food’ or the root of the problem from places which no other treatment can get into, thereby preventing return of the rust.

    After several years, movement / expansion / contraction, UV rays, wear & tear etc will begin to reduce the effectiveness of the Owatrol protection and rust will begin to reappear. As we know, nothing lasts forever.  

    Check out the scores of comments from regular users of Owatrol Oil, (refresh page to bring up additional comments)

    Order a tin of Owatrol Oil now. Several tin sizes available - select via the scroll down arrow above - We Guarantee you will be delighted with the results.

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