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    Zinga Tarfree

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    Zingatarfree is a one-pack moisture curing polyurethane paint.
    It exhibits excellent water and corrosion resistance (thanks to the MIO particles) and outstanding chemical resistance.
    These properties make Zingatarfree the ideal product to replace normal coal tar products. Zingatarfree is recommended for use in duplex systems with ZINGA for application on structures in immersion or embedded in soil.




    ISO 12944-6: Paints and varnishes — Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems
    The ISO 12944 standard is intended to assist engineers and corrosion experts in adopting best practice in corrosion protection of structural steel with coatings at new construction and repairs. ISO 12944 is progressively superseding regional standards to become a truly global benchmark in corrosion control.

    The ZINGA/Zingatarfree system has been subjected to extensive testing such as water condensation
    test, neutral salt spray test, chemical resistance test and water immersion test. After a prescribed exposure test (depending on respresentative environment), the coating is assessed for adhesion, blistering, rusting, cracking and flaking.

    Environments are classified according corrosivity for structures in immersion:
    • Im1: Clear, fresh or potable water
    • Im2: Sea or brackish water (harbors with locks, jetties, offshore structures; make sure there is no stray
    • Im3: Soil (underground storage, iron poles)

    After exposure, the coating is evaluated as H(igh), M(edium) or L(ow); reflecting in a life expectancy of:
    Low: Life expectancy less than 5 years
    Medium: Life expectancy between 5 and 15 years
    High: Life expectancy more than 15 years

    The system

    ZINGA 1 x 60-80 µm DFT


    Zingatarfree 2 x 100 µm DFT

    passed the tests for Im2 and Im3 with a HighClassification.

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