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    Owatrol DSP800 Paint Remover

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    Remove Paint & Varnish, Single & Two Pack Paints Powerful With Fast Acting Stripper DSP800

    Fast acting formula removes paint in as little as five minutes 

    Dichloromethane (Methelene Chloride) Free

    Gel formula does not run or sag

    Surface can be recoated after just six hours

    Suitable for car bodyshop, vintage restoration application

    DSP 800 is a powerful, ‘Dichloromethane’ free multi-purpose stripper, for the removal of all coating types – Alkyd, Acrylic, PU, Epoxy, Cellulose, RSE (semi-thick coating), RPE (thick plastic coating) and more. It is a very strong stripper that can even remove 2-Pack paints and powder coatings without damaging the substrate making it perfect for a wide range of  applications.

    Fast acting and ready to use, DSP 800 works on all surfaces (except gel coat and plastic - see Dilunett), leaving a clean, coating free surface that can be refinished after just 6 hours. Containing no acid, caustic soda or potash, DSP 800 will not darken wood and thus requires no neutralisation after use.

    Ideal Uses for Owatrol’s DSP 800 Stripper

    • Removes car paint
    • Strips interior and exterior wood surfaces
    • Gets rid of unwanted carpet glue
    • Strips paint from stone and cement walls

    Useful Information Coverage:

    1.25 – 4 m² per Litre (actual coverage will depend on the type of finish and numbers of coats being stripped and thickness of DSP 800 applied)

    Application Tools: Synthetic brush, synthetic scrubbing brush, soft brass brush, scraper

    Suitable for: Interior and exterior use

    Clean Up: Warm water or white spirit

    Average Working Times: (See directions for use tab)

    Suitable Surfaces: Wood, metal (ferrous and non-ferrous – avoid prolonged use on aluminium), stone, cement, ceramic

    Restrictions Do not use on plastics, GRP or other similar type surfaces – risk of dissolving surface. Avoid prolonged contact with aluminium. 





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