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  • ESP, The Number 1 Primer For Smooth Shiny Surfaces - No Sanding Required
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    Owatrol ESP Primer ISSN: 3297972505672

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    ESP Primer Makes Any Oil Or Water Based Paint Stick To Shiny Smooth Surfaces Without Sanding Or Mess. 

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    • Cleans old painted or varnished surfaces and leaves a thin grip film before recoating. 
    • Makes oil or water based paints or varnish to stick to any smooth non-porous surface. 
    • No tiresome or dusty sanding required. 
    • May be painted over any time after 2 hours or up to 7 days later. 
    • Easy to use... wipe on with a clean cotton cloth or brush. 
    • Will not damage old coatings. 
    • Reduces surface preparation time.

    WHERE TO USE:   

    • Lacquers, baked enamels, varnishes, gloss paint, powder coated steel,  
    • Ceramics : bathroom or kitchen.
    • Melamine : kitchen cabinet makeover, furniture 
    • Glass, tiles, uPVC, Fibreglass, Melamine, powder coated metal, previously glossed or varnished surfaces,  


    • Ensure new finish is compatible with the old finish. 
    • Do not overcoat with 2 pack finishes, cellulose, xylene and urethane coatings . (oil or water based only)
    • Remove any loose and flaking old finish. 
    • For greasy, waxed or varnished surfaces, scrub surface with a green scourer or 00 steel wool soaked with ESP. Wipe off all ESP after 5-10 minutes then follow application instructions below. 
    • Wipe up ESP before drying. Use clean clothes and change them regularly. 
    • Do not contaminate new clean ESP with old used ESP. 
    • Do not use ESP for dipping. 


    • Apply a liberal application of ESP. 
    • Leave to stand 5 minutes then lightly wipe over the surface in one direction with a clean cloth to remove excess ESP. 
    • Allow ESP to dry for 2 hours at normal room temperature before applying the finish. 


    Coverage: 18 m²/l 

    Application tools : Brush, roller, rag. 

    Application temperature : +5°C to +35°C 

    Recoating time : 2h to 7 days.  

    Clean-up : Soap + Water  

    ESP is Ireland's biggest selling primer for smooth shiny surfaces since 1998.

    Order a can of ESP Now.

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    “I found it great on roller doors and melamine.” 

    By Hugh Clarke Painter Decorator, ESP

    “A tin of ESP is an absolute must in my van at all times.”

    By Steve Martin Painter Decorator, ESP

    “Great for repainting Formica wardrobes etc.” 

    By S Mulhall Painter Decorator, ESP

    “Found it great on varnished stair spindles for before a fresh coat of varnish.” 

    By P Hayes Painter Decorator, ESP

    “It does the business on PVC downpipes and gutters.” 

    By Clive Baines Painter Decorator, ESP

    “It worked great on one tricky job – a marble fireplace which had to be painted.” 

    By P Doherty Painter Decorator, ESP

    “We had to change the colour of a tiled shop front that had new owners and it worked a treat.” 

    By D Coady Painter Decorator, ESP

    “It’s great to provide a key on kitchen doors, presses and also bedroom wardrobe doors etc” 

    By Noel Mullen Painter Decorator, ESP

    “I would use it when painting over eggshell and find it very useful.”

    By P Conway Painter Decorator, ESP

    “I found it very handy on over plastered walls, prior to first coat.” 

    By D Codd Painter Decorator, ESP

    Can I paint over bronze coloured aluminium windows and doors with white gloss? E Nolan

    Yes, but you need a special primer to make the paint stick to the aluminium and the natural colour beading on same. I’d suggest something like ESP, which works very well on shiny surfaces to give paint a grip.

    After you apply the ESP (as usual read instructions carefully) it would also be a good idea to use a high quality oil based undercoat and top coat. We always recommend that you do a test piece somewhere inconspicuous first to get the feel of it etc. (Not the front door!)
    For the best possible result, add about 25% Owatrol oil, a paint conditioner into the first coat (undercoat) or even first coat of two coats of gloss, and about 10 to 15% (just enough to make it “flow nicely”) to your second coat for a superb finish. You should end up with a lovely brush mark-free, rich finish that will last for years. ESP & Owatrol are available on our website and the better paint outlets.

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