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  • Owatrol Oil is a multi purpose product and one of the most useful items anybody trades person or home owner should have, treats rust, boosts paint adhesion, as a clear interior wood finish, eliminates brush marks
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    One Of The Most Amazing Products Ever Put In A Can!  

    Mouse or Click on the Photos For More Information On Same.

    Download FREE eBook That Magic Ingredient - Link below left... Discover Why Owatrol Oil Is Now One Of The Most Talked About And Used Home / Property Maintenance Related Products In The World. 

    Used alone... Owatrol is a powerful rust treatment, drives moisture out of wood, revives various finishes etc.  

    Used as a paint additive... makes any oil based paint or varnish stick to virtually any surface without peeling, eliminates brush and roller marks, speeds painting job, boosts paint hiding power and more.


    To Download Owatrol Oil Brochure please click link below

    Owatrol Oil Brochure


    See customer comments below, refresh the page as too many to fit on this page. 


    • Used As Rust Treatment Without Equal…  

    ◦Solves the cause of the problem. Penetrates deep into the smallest micro pores of the metal down to the ‘good steel’ behind, displaces moisture and air from those rust pores, thereby removing all ‘rust food’ and stops the rusting action.  

    ◦Minimises work and time spent on preparation of the metal. Eliminates the need for time or labour intensive total rust removal, wire brushing etc. Allows paint to be applied direct to ‘tight’ rust. 

    ◦Can be added to subsequent coats of oil based metal primer or paint finish for a peel free finish  

    ◦Used alone on rusted surface gives rustic, matt varnish like finish while protecting metal.  

    ◦Used alone, protects a host of household tools, machines, e.g. underside of power mower, farm machinery, construction plant.  

    Used as a Paint Additive 

    Discover how to paint without brush marks and lots more.

    ◦Makes oil based paints or varnish stick to virtually anything – no more peeling paint. 

    For example… makes all oil based paints stick tight to galvanised steel, aluminium, zinc, exterior wood, window sills, wall cappings, fascia boards and lots more. 
    ◦Improved paint flow and workability – no more brush marks or streaks, perfect finish every time. 

    ◦Improves paint viscosity and allows painting to be carried from sub-zero to arid conditions. 

    ◦Replaces paint damaging thinners; retains high gloss for years, does not dull the paint like white spirit, does not thin or weaken the paint. Does not evaporate from paint compared to white spirit.  

    ◦It increases hiding power of the paint. Less coats required, especially on wide contrast and weak colours such as reds, yellows etc. 

    ◦Used neat, maintains the natural look of wood, metal etc.  

    ◦Used in oil / alkyd paints, increases anti rust properties of the paint 

    ◦Heat resistant up to +175°C   

    Wood impregnation  

    ◦Deeply penetrates and seals wood. Great for window sashes exposed to condensation, loose putty, water run-off, fascia boards, doors etc. 

    ◦Protects metal parts. Creeps in behind steel hinges, fittings etc, rust proofs surface mounted hinges and fittings from behind. (great for signs etc)

    Where to use 

    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals. (may also be applied on wood, plastics, glass,…) 
    • Lightly to heavily rusted surfaces. Steel roofing cut edges, sheds, machinery, plant etc. 
    • May be used with / in any oil based paints, air drying alkyds, lacquers and varnishes, one component urethanes and asphalt / petroleum based paints. May be mixed with oil based stains/paint to improve impregnation of wood and protection of metal surfaces (hinges and fittings) Do NOT mix/use with quick drying, cellulose paints (car paints), chlorinated rubber paints, with two component paints or water based paints (See CIP, EB & Floetrol for related information)  Directions for use 
    • Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from oil, grease and scale 
    • Rust…For best results, saturate all areas of rusted first with neat Owatrol Oil. Allow 24 hours to dry. Wipe off ponding on horizontal areas while still wet. (prevents subsequent skinning) 
    • Other applications… Add 25% (or more for bad surfaces) Owatrol Oil to oil based metal primer, or any oil based top coat. See special ‘How To’ detailed instructions on rust treatment & peeling paint problems elsewhere on this site. 
    • To improve paint flow, and stop brush marks, achieve a better finish, mix 5-10% Owatrol Oil with any oil based paint or varnish 

    Coverage : 18m²/l  (depends on substrate, porosity etc)

    Application tools : Brush - Roller - Airless spray 

    Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C 

    Drying : 12 h. 

    Recoating time : 24 to 48 h. 

    Clean-up : White-Spirit

    Order a tin of Owatrol Oil now. Several tin sizes available - select via the scroll down arrow above - we Guarantee that you will be delighted with the results.

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    “Five months on, my balustrading looks as good as the day it was painted. Before applying the white top coats I was impressed by the way in which the Owatrol seemed to have sealed and contained the rust. I'll let you know how it is after five years! Thanks for your advice.”  

    By Angus Swanson Home Owner, Owatrol Oil Rust

    “We came across Owatrol oil after using Deks Olje D1 a sister product on hardwoods. Now I keep my 69 Wolsey Hornet rust free with Owatrol. Unbeatable I’d say.”

    By Bonmahon Joinery restored a 69 Wolseley Hornet, Owatrol Oil Rust

    "“Over the years we get a lot of products introduced to the market claiming all sorts of benefits and improvements which in a substantial number of cases do not live up to expectations, consequently I was introduced to Owatrol with a certain amount of understandable scepticism.

    After using Owatrol products since 1997, I am glad to say that in my experience they have provided the benefits claimed by the manufacturers. Owatrol Oil is the best product I’ve ever seen for rusty gates etc. As far as I'm concerned, there's no better solution on rusty railings and gates. Simple to use, great in difficult places"

    By P Keogh Decorators Kerry, Owatrol Oil Rust

    "My Massey Ferguson tractor looks a lot better since I cleaned it up. On a recent run, many of the other lads commented on how well it looked. I told them about my little secret, Owatrol oil and oil based paint. A mighty product. A bit hard to get which can be annoying"

    By M Cleary Vintage Tractors, Owatrol Oil Rust

    “I am fanatical about Owatrol Oil and use it in many different ways. Recently I applied an oil based matt black paint to the mortar lines in all the brickwork with 30% Owatrol in the paint, it did a massive job, soaked in like water on paper” 

    By Peter Lawlor Home Owner., Owatrol Oil General

    "The owatrol oil worked very well for me actually, I used it on my 66 Beetle. I am very pleased with the product and I would recommend it to anybody"

    By Martin Walsh classic car enthusiast, Owatrol Oil Rust

    “I used a stain I made by mixing Owatrol oil and ordinary black matt paint (oil based) to revamp my dull driveway following advice from igoe and it turned out great. Several neighbours commented on how well it looks” 

    By John Rutledge Home Owner, Owatrol Oil General

    “It is very good for glossing doors and also works great as a steel primer.”

    By William Timmons Painter Decorator, Owatrol Oil General

    “I think it’s brilliant on all wood jobs, great adhesion and a great finish.” 

    By K Minniken Painter Decorator, Owatrol Oil General

    "I have used Owatrol on 100 year old railings and the result was outstanding. After five years there was hardly any rust showing"

    By P Gallagher Home Owner, Owatrol Oil Rust

    I have foil wrapped kitchen doors. Is it possible to successfully paint them, if so, can you please advise?

    No problem. All you need is paint; probably an oil based gloss or satin, a tin of ESP primer for shiny surfaces, a few cotton cloths and a small tin of Owatrol oil. Shiny or smooth surfaces like the one you describe used to be a no go before magic ESP came along a few years ago. All you need to do is wash the doors with something like Sugar soap and rinse with clean water. When dry, wipe on your ESP with a clean, lint-free cloth, Wait at least two hours at normal room temperature and then you are ready to apply your paint. I would suggest applying two coats of your gloss with about 20% of Owatrol oil mixed in well. The Owatrol will have the effect of making the paint flow out lovely and smooth with no brush marks or streaks and it will also greatly aid paint adhesion on the doors. If you choose a weak hiding colour paint like yellow, red etc, the Owatrol oil will greatly aid the paint’s 'hiding power' and possibly save you having to apply another coat. ESP & Owatrol Oil are available on our website or at the better paint stockists.

    I have two cane armchairs plus two matching footstools. There were painted green when we bought them some years ago. As they are very good quality and were quite expensive it would be out of the question to discard them. Could you please tell me if I could have them sprayed professionally to another colour - preferably something brown or is there some easy way I could do it myself?

    There are a few companies who carry out spraying and you would find them on the Internet or in the Golden / Yellow Pages. On the other hand, if you are handy around the house and have a bit of time on your hands, you could do the job yourself. A bit messy perhaps, but no more so than other paint job. You will need some ESP wipe on smooth surface primer, plenty of cotton rags, about 2 litres of the colour you like in a n oil based gloss or satin look, a tin of Owatrol oil and a 2" paintbrush.

    To prepare the cane, wash & rinse thoroughly and then following makers instructions carefully, apply the ESP with a (lint-free) rag and make sure you apply it to all areas you intend to apply the paint later. Just prepare one or two chairs at a time. You must wait at least two hours before you apply paint because the film of ESP has to cure first. When your chairs are prepared with ESP, stir in about 25% Owatrol oil into your first coat of paint and apply. The strong mix of oil aids the adhesion. Next day, or when the first coat has dried, apply another coat of the same paint, this time stirring in about 10% Owatrol oil into your paint. The oil added into your final coat will help the paint flow out to a lovely smooth finish.

    ESP & Owatrol Oil are available on our website or at the better paint stockists.

    Is it possible to paint over varnished and stained French doors (indoor) Will gloss paint dry on them with an undercoat?

    There is no reason why you could not paint over those doors. First according to normal good practice, wash them with something like sugar soap and warm water, rinse off and allow to dry. When dry, you could give them a coat of ESP, a water based, quick drying primer. After the ESP has dried, (2 hours at room temp) apply one (or two if necessary) coats of a topcoat of your choice, probably either an oil based gloss or a satinwood. If you choose to apply an oil based paint, to get a really good finish, mix in about 15% Owatrol Oil to your paint. ESP & Owatrol Oil are available on our website or at the better paint stockists.

    I was hoping to change the colour of my uPVC windows and doors, but don’t know how to go about it?

    You can paint those PVC windows and doors any colour you like thanks to a clever smooth surface primer called ESP. I would suggest you choose an oil based satin or gloss paint to do the job for maximum durability.
    To do the job all you have to do is wash the pvc first with sugar soap and warm water and rinse. Get a clean lint free cloth, soak it with ESP and wipe it all over the surfaces you wish to paint. Do one window at a time.
    Leave that to cure for at least 2 hours at normal room temperature and after that you are ready to apply your gloss or whatever.
    In case you are unsure if the paint will stick, you will know as soon as you start to apply the paint, i.e. if the paint starts to crawl or run away from the brush you have not applied the ESP properly. If this happens, just re-treat that area with ESP. On the other hand, if the paint goes on in the normal way, everything should be ok.
    Another tip to ensure you get a lovely smooth, brush-free finish is to add some Owatrol oil to the paint if it feels draggy or heavy. This will also help with paint adhesion. ESP & Owatrol are available on our website and the better paint outlets.

    I would like to paint the old tiles in my bathroom because they are up a long time and I’m fed up looking at them. I heard there is some way you can paint tiles and I would rather not have to go to the trouble and expense of putting in new tiles?

    You heard correctly, there is a very easy way to paint ceramic tiles. All you have to do is give the whole area a good wash down with a 50:50 mixture of bleach and warm water. This will kill any ‘life forms’ lingering around in the grout or joints. If you don’t wash them like this, everything will probably be okay but, it is better to take that simple precaution. (as usual, take great care with bleach, it is nasty stuff in the wrong places such as clothes, eyes, skin etc).  After you have done the above, rinse the area fully with plenty of clean warm water to remove all traces of the bleach.

    When dry, get your tin of ESP assuming you have some. Pick up about 2.5 litres of oil based gloss of a colour you like, plus a half litre or one litre can of Owatrol Oil. Get a clean, lint-free cloth and apply the ESP all over the tiles including grouted areas, making sure you cover every single part. It’s best to work in strict patterns, or mask off of tiles to ensure you do not miss any area, which could easily happen, as ESP is colourless.

    Leave it to dry & cure for about 2 hours at normal room temperature. Always read the label. After that, mix in about 10% or so Owatrol Oil into your gloss and apply. You will find that Owatrol added in, the gloss will flow out beautifully with no brush marks or streaks. Next day or so, when first coat is dry, apply another coat of gloss in the same manner, and you will, or should have, for all intents and purposes a whole new bathroom for only a few dollars with minimal effort. 

    Word of caution, oil paints take about a week to cure properly, so try and avoid using that area, especially showers as much as possible while the paint cures. Obviously, do not do what some people do, stick your finger nails into the paint to see if it has dried, or worse still, to see if it peels off !

    ESP & Owatrol Oil are available on our website or at the better paint stockists.

    My old pine look kitchen units are looking very tired and I would like to brighten them up. Can I paint them?

    The answer is a definite yes, provided you do not mind a little bit of work. If you have a kitchen full of dull presses or cabinets, boring tiles in the bathroom, or weary wardrobes in the bedroom, take heart... you don’t have to take out a big loan to refit the whole place, just freshen it up with a few tins of paint and a little bit of TLC. (tender loving care)

    “Oh, but surely it’s impossible to paint kitchen presses, tiles and other shiny surfaces, because the paint will just peel off” you say!

    Well, believe it or not, you can! with the help of an amazing not so new product called ESP You’ve no doubt seen it on the various popular TV DIY shows such as Changing Rooms, Beyond the Hall Door etc where it has been rightly hailed as one of the best new painting or decorating products ever seen.

    ESP will make it possible for you to change the look of all those normally very difficult surfaces without sanding, dust or hard work. ESP makes any water or oil based paint or varnish stick to melamine, Formica, most plastics, fibreglass, glass, previously glossed or varnished surfaces without sanding or mess.

    Transform the look of your presses, tiles, wardrobes to any colour under the sun with any oil or water based paint for the price of a few cans of paint, and probably for well below €100.

    Paint the fridge to match the presses, or the wardrobes to match the new curtains or whatever. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your own imagination. In fact, you can even use ESP to change the colour of all those other doors, architraves and so on. Gloss over gloss, varnish over varnish, all is now possible, and at minimal cost to you which is always welcome news.

    It is a good idea to use an oil-basedpaint in the bathroom because of the moisture etc. If you use a water based paint elsewhere, bear in mind whether its needs to be washable etc. (Note: give the paint time to cure properly before you give it a hard time).

    Here are two more interesting items that will be a huge help in any or all of the above scenarios. If you are using a water based paint (latex / emulsion) add about 10% of another amazing new product called Floetrol. This will ensure a streak-free lovely even finish, especially on deep colours or vinyls, and it is also a dream in yellows, reds etc. Saves a coat or two also which is no harm work wise!

    If you are applying an oil paint, add some Owatrol oil and this will ensure a really smooth, brush mark-free, rich finish making your work look like it was done by a pro. ESP, Owatrol Oil and Floetrol are available on our website or at main paint outlets.

    What do I do with my shiny surface, white interior doors? I have a number of white interior doors in my home which have a shiny surface, and appear to me to have a plastic coating. I do not know if they are laminated or not. They were fitted when my house was built about 5 years ago. They now need some attention, but I have been advised not to paint them on account of the coating on them. Any advice as to whether this is true or not, and if so, is there some other means of cleaning them?

    The advice you received regarding not being able to paint them is quite out of date - you can. Those doors are probably made of some modern laminate or other which are generally fairly easy to clean etc. You can paint them with no trouble at all. Clean the doors first with some Sugar Soap liquid and warm water, a combination that usually works well. Rinse with clean water. Don't use harsh chemicals or you could do irreversible damage.

    All you need is a can of ESP and some paint of your choice, probably an oil based satin or gloss depending on whether you would like them very shiny or not so shiny.
    If you plan to apply a new white coat you won't need an undercoat, however, if you plan to apply a very different colour to what is there already, you may need an undercoat to bridge 'the colour gap'. To do the job, get a clean, lint free cloth and wipe the ESP (a clear primer film) on carefully taking care not to miss any spots.

    Leave the ESP film for about two hours at normal room temperature to dry. After two to three hours or later, you can apply the paint directly. Note, if, when you start painting, the paint starts to run away from the brush or 'crawls' as it is known, you will need to re-ESP that area because it will not have been done correctly.

    Depending on your finish etc, you could apply a second coat of the same paint, especially if using gloss, but you'll probably get a nice job done even with the one coat. Actually here's a useful tip. If you add about 10% or thereabouts of Owatrol oil (also known as a Paint Conditioner) to your paint, it will help the adhesion, hiding and coverage, leaving a beautiful, brush mark-free finish. If you choose to use one of the newer water based gloss paints on the market, we would recommend you add some Floetrol (waterbased paint conditioner) to help the paint flow out to a lovely brush-mark free finish.

    Owatrol Oil will help with coverage, hiding, adhesion and general appearance of all oil based paints and varnishes. Floetrol will do likewise in water based paints but not is suitable for water based varnish. ESP, Owatrol Oil & Floetrol are available on our website or at the better paint outlets.

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    How To Paint Doors Without Brush Marks.

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    No Need For Sanding Or Mess

    Check Out Our Unique Solution

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    Paint Flaking Off Window Sill,

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    Kitchen Makeover On a Shoestring Budget

    Kitchen Makeover On a Shoestring Budget

    Kitchen Makeover On a Shoestring Budget

    A new trend is repainting kitchen cabinets from the darker wood look to warm creams etc.

    When you know the tricks, this is a very simple and low cost job.

    Here it is in a nutshell:

    Removing Cup Rings etc From Wood

    Removing Cup Rings etc From Wood

    Lord of the Rings

    You might be surprised to hear that most plate / cup rings on table tops etc can in most cases be easily buffed away using Owatrol Oil and some cloth. Deeper rings might require the help of some very fine wet and dry paper dipped in the oil. Buff to finish.

    Peeling Paint Wooden Windows Etc

    Peeling Paint Wooden Windows Etc

    How to cure the annoying problem of paint peeling off from wooden windows, fascias, doors, etc.

    Paint and varnish mainly peels off because of poor grip and penetration of initial coats applied.

    This can be made worse by moisture ingress where paint has lifted nearby and frost plays its part also.


    How To Restore Wooden Sash Windows Etc

    How To Restore Wooden Sash Windows Etc

    How to Restore Wooden Window Sashes, Fascia Boards Damaged by Water / Moisture.

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    How To Paint Your Wooden Floor Any Colour

    How To Paint Your Wooden Floor Any Colour

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    Restoring Wooden Window Sashes, Fascia Boards, etc

    Restoring Wooden Window Sashes, Fascia Boards, etc

    Bottom wooden window sashes can become soggy and wet from condensation inside and lack of putty, paint etc outside and the wood will normally require replacement or serious surgery to restore them.

    Outside, exposed wood such as fascia boards can take a severe beating from the elements resulting in a similar problem.

    Here’s a simple way to save those sashes etc and prolong their life for decades.

    Sand or scrape off any remaining paint or varnish. Using a paint brush, apply several coats of Owatrol oil to the wood over the course of a day until it takes no more, this action will drive out all remaining moisture inside the wood. Any sections that have deteriorated extensively can be gouged out with a chisel or even a screwdriver, and filled with an appropriate wood filler. When filler dries, sand as required. Apply undercoat with about 33% Owatrol Oil mixed in to get maximum penetration. Finish off with an oil based paint of your choice with about 15% Owatrol Oil added in for perfect flow and a brush mark free finish.

    Hardwood Headaches Cured with Deks Olje

    Hardwood Headaches Cured with Deks Olje

    As the wood is dense, hardwood requires a different approach as regards oiling, varnishing etc.

    Teak windows and doors and sometimes various types of hardwood decking are is the most common hardwood we encounter with maintenance problems.

    The biggest problem is most finishes cannot penetrate into the hardwood properly. This can be worsened by the presence of previous coatings or new wood that still has its own oils present near the surface. Treating new teak etc.

    As mentioned above, new teak has a lot of its own oil and before you apply any coating such as teak oil, varnish etc you should first ‘wash’ the teak using several clean absorbent cloths and methylated spirit to remove any surface oils present.

    Apply coating after that and you can expect a longer lasting result.

    KITCHEN MAKEOVER On a Shoestring Budget

    KITCHEN MAKEOVER On a Shoestring Budget

    Yes, you can! (oh no… not that phrase again!!!)

    A new trend is repainting kitchen cabinets from the darker wood look to warm creams etc. When you know the tricks, this is a very simple and low cost job. Here it is in a nutshell:

    Wash all cabinet doors thoroughly using a good cleaner like sugar soap. Rinse and allow to dry. NO SANDING REQUIRED… phew!!! Thank God for that. Apply a coat of a fantastic proven product called ESP using clean cotton or lint-free cloths. Make sure you put ESP on every single piece of surface you intend to paint because areas missed will give you problems later.



    The first impression lasts according to the old saying. The same applies to your home or property. Little things that are easily and cheaply fixable can often become big and costly issues if neglected and left uncared for.

    Most problems you see in this section can occur due to various circumstances but one common factor applicable to most if not all of them is preparation related. If the preparation is taken care of in the right way using the correct products you will eliminate or prevent those problems on your property. Products mentioned in this section are used ongoing by most of the Country’s top professional contractors as well as many State agencies and are available at all the main paint outlets Nation-wide.



    Net-Trol works great cleaning stone wall, granite, sandstone, etc

    Net-Trol will not remove old paint and severely ingrained stains but it will remove ordinary water borne / pollution Removing Rust streaks from Stone, Concrete, Brick etc.

    This is an easy one… Wet the streaked area, apply some Net-trol. Leave 10 minutes and give it a light scrub. Leave for another 20 minutes or sooner if stains are gone and rinse off. Job done.

    TIP: Apply some Owatrol Oil to the source of the rust which might be a broken bolt, an old steel bracket etc. Owatrol Oil will seal the rust and prevent reappearance for some time.

    Paint the metal afterwards for best results and add some Owatrol to the paint also. Insert pic of rust streaks on wall centre second down from top and can of Net-trol.

    Paint Peeling On Window Sills, Wall Cappings, Plinths etc.

    Paint Peeling On Window Sills, Wall Cappings, Plinths etc.

    Window sills and wall cappings are notorious for peeling paint problems.

    There is a perfect answer to this problem and it works every time.

    Remove all loose paint using a scraper / wire brush (best option – does not wet the sill) or even a power washer if you have one. If you use a power washer, keep the lance at a sharp angle to ‘scrape the paint off’ and make sure you allow several days to dry out before painting.

    You can paint the sills with either a water based masonry paint mixed with E-B (1 part E-B to 2 parts paint) or use any oil based paint mixed with Owatrol Oil (1 part Owatrol Oil to 2 parts paint or even 1 to 1 for a stronger mix) and that paint will stick like glue with no more peeling problems. The same applies to any paint peeling off masonry, stone, etc..

    Rusty Railing Refurb

    Rusty Railing Refurb

    Any exposed steel structure from building to railings will be ravaged by our wet and damp weather and they will begin to rust resulting in unsightly appearance or even deterioration to a point where they need to be replaced at great cost.

    Up until now, rust in particular has been a major source of irritation and concern, and dealing with it has always been a nightmare mainly because your efforts are usually in vain and the rust returns in no time at all. In this section you will discover an amazing breakthrough on how to treat rust in a way that outlasts any previously known method many times over. Products mentioned have, while they have not had a high profile TV or media presence, have been available here since 1997. They have been tried, and proven to be the best available by all the top painter decorators in the Country.

    Shed Rust

    Shed Rust

    Steel buildings (roofs and cladding) can become faded and tired looking.

    You can refresh that building very easily and with minimal cost by using ordinary oil based paint and Owatrol Oil. Make sure it is clean of course. First coat with at least 25% Owatrol Oil mixed into the oil based paint of your choice. This will make the paint stick tight to the cladding. If a second coat is required, apply with just enough Owatrol Oil in it to make it flow out nice and even. 

    You should expect years and years from this method. Can be rolled, brushed or sprayed.

    How Owatrol Oil Works on Rust

    How Owatrol Oil Works on Rust

    In May 2012 Terry Wheatley of picturesque Dublin seaside village Dalkey Tidy Towns Committee had the task of refurbishing all their various street poles which had become rusted and pitted despite regular applications of the usual paints.

    “Nothing previously stopped the poles from peeling and rusting,” he said. He asked Igoe International if they had a solutions and the problem was solved quickly and cost effectively using Owatrol Oil in conjunction with standard oil based paint. After 36 months (time of this publication going to press) Terry reported that “the poles look virtually the same now as the day they were done, we’re very happy with it”. The system (Owatrol Oil used with OIL based paint) is suitable for all metal surfaces, steel, cast iron, even cast aluminium.



    Latter day vehicles such as old cars, tractors, machinery, bikes, and other items of all kinds are of special interest to many people who treasure their ‘pet’ try to keep it in good shape, bring it to shows, meet their friends there etc.

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