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    Covid 19 Ready - KN95 (FFP2) Masks & Hand Sanitisers (100 ML & 500 ML)

    Here you will find essential products to get you Covid Ready

    Wood - Laminates - Plywood - Composite

    This section refers to items made of wood.

    Metals - Steel, Alu, Brass, Stainless etc

    This section relates to metal related products.

    Plastics, Fibreglass, PVC, Glass etc

    This section relates to plastics, glass, etc

    Stone, Masonry, Brickwork, Concrete, Plaster, Render

    This section relates to masonry, brick etc

    Roofs - OSB / PLY / Felt / Asphalt / Concrete / Asbestos etc

    Our liquid rubber roofing & waterproofing systems are ideal for the refurbishment or new construction of all types of flat roofs, including warm roofs, cold roofs, balconies or terraces.

    Floors, Decks & Drives

    We offer a wide range of solutions for interior and exterior floors.. Freshen up the look of your floor today by adding some colour or anit slip.

    Walls - old or new conrete, brick, render, block etc

    We offer a wide range of solutions for both sides of any wall.

    Basement Waterproofing

    Basements can be waterproofed in new constructions or often an existing building can suffer from waterproofing of dampness issues.

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