Problem Solvers - Bursting with Scores of hard to come by maintenance tips! That Magic Ingredient  The MUST have for every DIY enthusiast!  Probably The Most Amazing Property Maintenance Product Ever Found In A Can! 74 Little Known Secret Solutions To Your Most Costly, Frustrating Home Painting & Maintenance Headaches
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    This section relates to masonry, brick etc

    Brickwork, external render, pebble dash, natural stone, concrete make up the majority of substrates covered in this section.

    Issues such as cleaning, waterproofing, painting are all covered.

    Some items in this section are for professional use and others are DIY Products

    Owatrol EB E-B

    Stir In Bonding Primer Stabiliser Makes Water Based Paints Stick, No More Peeling. EB

    Tile Grout Sealer Keeps New Tile Grout Looking New.

    Clear Grout Sealer Keeps New Grout Looking New

    Owatrol Net-Trol

    Cleans Wood, Cleans Stone, Cleans Plastics, Removes Rust Stains


    Owatrol Oil

    One Of The Most Amazing Home / Property Maintenance Products Ever Put In A Can!

    Concrete Vibrating Sand and Cement Screed Honda Engine

    Compacts up to 100 m2 Semi Dry Sand & Cement In Only 1 Hour.

    Vibrating Screed for Semi Dry Sand and Cement Mix for Floor Laying - Electric

    Compacts Up To 100m2 Of Semi Dry Sand & Cement In Only 1 Hour. 

    Dustless Drywall Sander

    Does most of the work itself. 

    Engine Driven Airless Spray Pump

    When You Want 'Spraying Power' Without Electricity 

    Concrete Screed Finisher, Semi Dry Sand & Cement Mix

    Fast & Easy Finishing on Semi Dry Sand & Cement Screed    See Video


    Owl DUCKY Water Repellant For Masonry

    Keeps Water & Wind Driven Rain Out of Brick, Render, Stone, Pebble & Dry Dash 


    Stops Roller Marks, Brush Marks, Boosts Paint Hiding Power, Saves Work & Time

    Warmcoat Insulating Paint Cuts Heat Loss & Stops Mould

    Cuts heat loss from your home and stops mould and condensation problems

    Concrete Leveller, Power Screeder, Vibrating Screed. Saves Massive Time and Labour.

    Levels And Screeds a Truck Load of Concrete in 10 Minutes or Less.

    Tile Grout Coating Revives White Grout

    Grout Colour Restorer Makes Old Grout Look Like New again (White only)

    Screw Pump DISCONTINUED see Euromair 8P

    Hopper Fed, Easy Clean, Sprayer For Skimcoat, Heavy Bodied Paints, Acoustic etc

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