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    This section refers to items made of wood.

    Wood or timber whichever you prefer to call it comes in a very wide variety of types.

    To keep it simple, we will catagorise it under two main sections - hard wood and soft wood.

    Most common hardwoods are Teak, Mahogany, Ipe, Balou, Iroko
    You come across hard woods mainly on exterior garden tables and chairs, windows and doors, mainly because they resist breakdown longer and are more durable than soft woods..
    However, no wood lasts forever and if not cared for it will deteriorate.
    Key to preserving those wood types is getting a preserving oil into the pores,i.e. into the wood and not on it.

    Softwoods like pine are mainly found mostly on general applications such as decking, garden fencing, sheds etc.
    Softwoods need more looking after because they absorb moisture much more than hardwood.

    Some items are for professional users and others are DIY Products

    Owatrol Textrol Clear

    Clear Decking Stain, Wood Oil, Deck Oil, 

    Owatrol Tropitech 2.5 Litre

    Owatrol Tropitech Heavy Duty Deck And Dock Coating, Acrylic... Lasts longer

    Owatrol Dilunett

    Eco Friendly Paint Stripper Removes Paint & Varnish, Safe on Gelcoat

    Owatrol EB E-B

    Stir In Bonding Primer Stabiliser Makes Water Based Paints Stick, No More Peeling. EB

    Owatrol Prepdeck

    Strips Off Decking Oil & Other Deck Coatings

    Owatrol Net-Trol

    Cleans Wood, Cleans Stone, Cleans Plastics, Removes Rust Stains


    Owatrol Aluminium RA85

    No Peel Flexible Silver Paint For ALL Surfaces.

    Owatrol Deks Olje D1

    Deks Olje D1 Deep Penetrating Clear Oil Finish For Hardwood, Satin Finish.

    Fibreglass Mesh Tape

    Reinforcing Tape Strengthens Drywall Joints To Resist Movement Damage

    Wall Patch 6" x 6"

    Patches a hole in drywall in minutes with the Wall Patch. 

    Owatrol Deks Olje D2

    Deks Olje D2 Clear Non Peel High Gloss Marine Yacht Varnish

    Owatrol Oil

    One Of The Most Amazing Home / Property Maintenance Products Ever Put In A Can!

    Owatrol Seasonite

    Treatment For New Wood 

    Dust n' Dirt Stopper

    Reusable dust screen for doors stops dust and mess, saves clean up time and costs

    Owatrol Textrol Rustic Oak

    Penetrating Non Peel Decking Stain, Wood Oil, Deck Oil, 

    Owatrol Compo-Clean

    Compo-Clean Composite Wood Cleaner, Looks Just Like New Again

    Door Jamb Foam Guard

    Prevents costly damage to door frames during renovation & construction

    Owatrol ESP Primer

    Makes Paint Stick To Shiny Surfaces Without Sanding Or Mess

    Owatrol Textrol Golden Oak

    Penetrating Non Peel Decking Stain, Wood Oil, Deck Oil, 

    Tack Mat Standard 30 Sheet Peel Off

    Low profile, tack mat prevents spread of dust & dry debris.

    Owatrol Aquanett Cleaner For Wood Etc

    Owatrol Aquanett Eco Friendly, Strips Deck Oils, Teak Oils, Powerful Wood Cleaner.

    Owatrol Compo-Care Brown & Grey 2.5 L Now Known As Compoxell

    Compo-Care Composite Wood Restorer, Looks Just Like New Again

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