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Brand: ZINGA
Alu ZM is a quick drying one pack coating based on aluminium flakes. It can be applied directly onto old, uncorroded hot-dip galvanised or thermal sprayed zinc substrates or as an aluminium topcoat on ZINGA. It can be applied by brushing or spraying in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances. A..
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Brand: ZINGA
Aluspray offers a coating based on aluminium flakes in aerosol spray. It can be applied either without primer on an old, non-corroded hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation layer or as topcoat on top of ZINGA. Aluspray is mainly applied for esthetical reasons as it gives a nice aluminium aspect. ..
Ex Tax:€24.75
Brand: ZINGA
Color Spray by ZINGA® is a high qualitative ACRYL paint developed for simple applications on all surfaces such as metal, wood, paper, glass, cardboard, concrete, ceramics, … Color Spray by ZINGA® is specially developed for good compatibility with our film galvanizing system ZINGA®...
Ex Tax:€11.00
Brand: Owatrol
Highly Flexible, No Peel, Anti-Corrosive High Gloss Aluminium Paint Finish For ALL Surfaces High gloss aluminium appearance Excellent penetrating and adhesion properties – does not flake or peel Decorative insulating film – high temperature resistance up to 175°C Excellent abrasion ..
Ex Tax:€22.05
Owatrol AP 60 Primer / Finish Coat
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Brand: Owatrol
Owatrol AP60 is an anti-corrosive primer for protecting both new and old rusted surfaces. It penetrates below the residual rust, saturating it, and seals the underlying sound surface to form a stable layer. This gives exceptional protection against corrosion and weathering and creates a strong, stab..
Ex Tax:€20.40
Brand: Owatrol
Steel Primer For New or Rusted Surfaces. Ideal Over Owatrol Oil or applied direct for Two Pack Paints etc. Very popular with the vintage and classic car, vintage tractor fraternity for restoration.   (Price shown is for .75L exc vat) PROPERTIES.  Universal rust inhibiting primer f..
Ex Tax:€26.46
Brand: Owatrol
Owatrol Deco is an oil-based, non-peel multi-surface paint suitable for all surfaces with built-in rust-inhibiting qualities. It comes in 13 decorative finishes and does not require any priming or undercoating before use. With Owatrol Oil technology, Owatrol Deco provides exceptional ..
Ex Tax:€20.92
Brand: Owatrol
Floor Vernis is resistant to both mechanical and chemical abrasion Vernis Floor is easy to apply and hard wearing. Ideal uses for Floor Vernis  New or oxidised metal surfaces Use on corridors, in offices, on stairways and more Maintains the natural look of the surface Expands and..
Ex Tax:€65.05
Brand: Owatrol
One Of The Most Amazing Products Ever Put In A Can!   Download FREE eBook That Magic Ingredient - Link below... Discover Why Owatrol Oil Is Now One Of The Most Talked About And Used Home / Property Maintenance Related Products In The World. Used alone... Owatrol..
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Owatrol Oxid Vernis
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Brand: Owatrol
Oxid Vernis is a single pack clear varnish, enriched with polyurethane-modified alkyd resins for use on new or oxidised metals that have previously been treated with Owatrol Oil and where the natural look of the surface is to be maintained. Combining performance with ease of application, O..
Ex Tax:€43.00
Brand: Owatrol
PID 60 Marine is a universal anti-rust primer made from alkyd resins and anti-corrosive pigments, for the priming and protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gelcoat, galvanised and old painted surfaces etc. It is a single pack, anti-rust primer and bonding coat, that keeps surfaces rust fr..
Ex Tax:€21.70
Brand: Owatrol
Revives Faded Plastic, Fibreglass, Paint, Metal, Tiles in Minutes.  Photo shows both plastic and paintwork revived on an old car door. Like a Plastic Polish restores the colour and appearance of dull and faded surfaces caused by exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution  Deep pen..
Ex Tax:€27.87
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