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Brand: Wykamol Group
Crack Sealer Plus is a 2 part, high strength, thixotropic epoxy adhesive specifically formulated for repairing fine cracks in brick, block, stone, concrete or masonry. Wykamol Crack Sealer Plus is supplied in two screw cap containers, one contains the base resin, the other contains the curin..
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Brand: Wykamol Group
Contains all the necessary components for an effective and reliable stitching of cracked masonry. Bonds THOR helical crack stitching stainless steel bars into appropriate bed joints or cut slots, stabilises masonry and redistributes tensile loads to minimise any further development of the crac..
Ex Tax:€195.95
Brand: Wykamol Group
DrySeal has a unique, thixotropic consistency and excellent water-repellent properties on a range of building materials. As opposed to conventional liquid products, Dryseal can be applied in one working operation to achieve the desired loading for maximum effectiveness. Dependent on porosity, the..
Ex Tax:€69.00
Water based floor coating system which consists of the EP40 Epoxy Floor Primer and EP40 Epoxy Finish coat, available in grey or clear. NO MORE DAMP EP40 Floor Primer is designed to soak into the substrate, block pores, improve adhesion and ensure an even, high quality finish. After the final ap..
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Brand: Owatrol
PROPERTIES H4 WOOD & STONE is a colourless, waterproof protection for wood and stone. Silicone free and incorporating the new technology PARAFLUOROSILANE (pfs), H4 WOOD & STONE protects wood and stone from environmental attack. Hydrophobic and therefore water repellent, H4 WOOD & STONE allows woo..
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Brand: Owatrol
Stir-In Stabilising Solution or Primer 'Welds' Emulsions and Masonry Paints To Virtually Any Surface and Stops That Paint from Peeling Off Later. EB is The First Choice Of the Most Top Rated Professional Painter Decorators for New and Refurb Work!  EB is added to the first coat of any wat..
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Brand: OWL
Owl DUCKY is a Deep Penetrating Clear Waterproofer For Brick, Stone, Masonry. Owl DUCKY is a powerful, Eco Friendly, colourless, breathable water repellent for exposed walls and buildings. Keeps out wind driven rain from bricks, stone, mortar, render, pebble dash, block, concrete, non glazed..
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Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry 20 KG
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Brand: OWL
Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry waterproofs against positive and negative hydrostatic heads of water, and is suitable for use internally, externally, above and below ground. It is also ideal for use in damp-proofing applications. The Crystalline Technology in Owl Force 10 Tanking Slurry causes a..
Ex Tax:€40.00
Technoseal DPM
10 Days
Technoseal is a ready-to-use, liquid damp-proofing membrane that provides a seamless, waterproof and radon barrier and is therefore ideal to use as part of a below-ground-level waterproofing system.Technoseal also acts as a barrier against methane and carbon dioxide gases. It is safe to use in potab..
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Temporary Drain Pipe is a heavy duty polythene sleeve that prevents water damage to masonry until the drain pipe is installed. It is simply installed by fixing with Cable Ties and can be easily removed prior to installing the permanent drain pipe. Simple installation ideal for both single and mul..
Ex Tax:€69.00
Ultracure 380CC Cartridge   Ultracure is a unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork to control rising dampness. Ultracure can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high pressure equipment. BBA approved. The cream is delivered by hand pressure o..
Ex Tax:€14.89
 Ultracure Damp Proof Kit has everything you need to provide a safe new chemical damp proof course. Ultracure, with its BBA Certificate is one of the leading products on the market for the control of rising damp. It is a unique silane based emulsion cream for injection into mortar bed joints to..
Ex Tax:€114.00
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