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Wykamol Group

Wykamol Group
Brand: Wykamol Group
Crack Sealer Plus is a 2 part, high strength, thixotropic epoxy adhesive specifically formulated for repairing fine cracks in brick, block, stone, concrete or masonry. Wykamol Crack Sealer Plus is supplied in two screw cap containers, one contains the base resin, the other contains the curin..
Ex Tax:€67.00
Brand: Wykamol Group
Contains all the necessary components for an effective and reliable stitching of cracked masonry. Bonds THOR helical crack stitching stainless steel bars into appropriate bed joints or cut slots, stabilises masonry and redistributes tensile loads to minimise any further development of the crac..
Ex Tax:€195.95
Brand: Wykamol Group
DrySeal has a unique, thixotropic consistency and excellent water-repellent properties on a range of building materials. As opposed to conventional liquid products, Dryseal can be applied in one working operation to achieve the desired loading for maximum effectiveness. Dependent on porosity, the..
Ex Tax:€69.00
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