Select whichever one(s) you need solution for and there you will find your answers. See below.


You went to great trouble to prepare for that painting job, masking, sanding etc... you finish your painting job to discover the finish is full of ugly brush or roller marks, streaks etc. Why? Brush and Roller Marks occur because the paint drys  / sets too quickly due to the temperature, wind, etc.

We offer you the solution for brush marks and roller marks... One for oil based paints and varnish and one for water borne paints.

Oil based paints and varnish... See Owatrol Oil below

Water based paints... See Floetrol below.


This section covers various problems related to peeling paint, blistering paint, both water based and oil based. We offer you several solutions, so lets see which one suits your needs today.

Water Based Paints:
If you are working with water based paints, interior or exterior and you either want to prevent peeling or stop paint peeling, check out E-B below. EB is a stir in bonding primer which 'welds' water based paints to virtually anything and it will not peel or flake off. See EB below.

Oil Based Paints or Varnish:
On the other hand, if you are working with oil based paints or varnish, and as mentioned above, you want to prevent the paint peling off or stop it peeling off - See Owatrol Oil below.

Painting Smooth /Shiny Surfaces:
If you need to paint any shiny surface such as kitchen cabinets, melamine shelving units, glass, aluminium, pvc etc, all you need is a can of ESP (Owatrol ESP) and your paint. You can paint any shiny surface with any colour oil or water based paint by using ESP as your 'Gripper' ESP is clear, so it even allows you apply clear varnish over varnish. See ESP below.

Peeling Chipping on porcelain etc:
Check out Porcelain Chip Fix below...a product created specially for this common problem.

When you are painting with yellows, reds, or applying extreme opposites such as white over black etc, generally you need to apply many coats because of the poor hiding or low opacity of those colours. Not so anymore. Now you can boost your paint hiding power dramatically. Here's How...

If you are using emulsions / water based / water borne paints, add some Floetrol (made by Owatrol) to your paint and you will find a significant improvement in hiding power and you willl also find you will require fewer coats to get the desired result. Painter / Decorators love this product because it saves them a lot of hard work and time. Floetrol does not affect the colour of the paint apart from you requiring fewer coats to finish. Being milky, Floetrol is not suitable for Clear finishes.Note: Floetrol also helps you get a brush mark / roller mark free finish. See Owatrol Floetrol Below.

Oil Paints:
If you are using an oil based paint (alkyd) which has poor hiding / opacity and you are finding it tough going, coat after coat and still you are not getting the result you want, not covering / hiding properly... problem solved... add some Owatrol Oil to your paint. Owatrol Oil does not affect or change the colour of the paint apart from improving its hiding power or opacity.  Note: Unlike thinning oil based paints  (or varnish) with white spirit, which weakens its hiding power even further, and dulls the paint after a relatively short time also... Owatrol Oil actually increases the hiding power of the paint and unlike the negative effect of white spitit - it does not dull the paint later. Note: Brush / roller marks will be a thing of the past when you use Owatrol in your oil based paints or varnish. See Owatrol Oil Below

Sometimes, to get a proper finish, you need to remove previous paints or varnish and that is not much fun irrespective of how you go about it.  Basically your choices are as follows... chemical paint stripper / remover, heat gun, infra red - speed heater. 

We offer you two of those three options.

  • Chemical Paint Remover: Check out Eco Friendly Dilunett (Owatrol Dilunet) below...
  • Infra Red Paint Remover - not a cheap item, but worth a serious look if you are a professional painter decorator. See Speed Heater below
  • Paint spatters: If you need to remove emulsion paint spatters - See OOPS! Below.

Remove paint from you hands and other delicate items: 
Pevalin is a high quality, safe to use, German made very special hand cleaner. We have even been told of great success with Pevalin removing a variety of paints, even gloss etc from leather couches etc. See Pevalin Hand Cleaner below.

If you are painting rusted railings, gates etc, we can offer you great time and labour saving advice and the products to match. 

At can now paint shiny, smooth surfaces such as Melamine, Formica, uPVC, Glass, Fibreglass, Ceramic Tiles, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, previously glossed or varnished surfaces quickly and effortlessly, with NO SANDING. All you need to make that paint stick is a can of ESP (Owatrol ESP) which provides the grip for any oil or water based paint or varnish. Discover how ESP can transform your next smooth surface painting project... See ESP Below

Painting Galvanised Steel
Galvanised steel is usually a nightmare to paint because it keeps peeling off. Why? Because the galvanise coating on the steel tends to be slimey up until it weathers off. If you paint that 'slimey' galvanised surface, that paint will peel off - guaranteed. So, you have two options: 1) Leave the galvanised steel to weather for at least a year or more preferably. That usually removes the slimey stuff to a point where an oil based paint has some chance of sticking. If you want to be certain your oil based paint sticks... there is only one solution... Add Owatrol Oil to your oil based paint (make first coat runny), usually a ratio of about 4:1 paint/Owatrol oil. As paints differ, we suggest the better option is add Owatrol oil unti the paint viscosity is quite runny. The best way to do all this is remove some of your oil based paint from the can andplace in a separate bucket for your first coat and add your Owatrol to that. For your second or finish coat, use the same oil based paint but this time just add about 10% OWatrol Oil - just enough to get the paint to flow nice and even. Problem Solved. See Owatrol Oil Below.

2 Great TIPS:

  • TIP 1: If you are painting smooth surfaces with an oil based paint, I recommend using some Owatrol Oil in the oil paint to boost the grip and eliminate brush or roller marks. This method produces an amazing mirror (no brush marks etc) finish on surfaces such as cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, even uPVC and Aluminium windows and doors.
  • TIP 2: If you are painting smooth surfaces with a water based paint, I recommend using some Floetrol (Owatrol Floetrol) in the emulsion paint to eliminate brush or roller marks. Works great with some of those modern water based glosses etc.

You might be surprised to hear that if you don't like the smell of paint, you can fix the problem with little or no effort. All you need is Zapp Paint Odour Eliminator. This clever little paint aditive product is used extensively by top professional painter decorators who like to leave that paint job smelling of roses! (well, maybe not roses!) The product works in ALL kinds of paint. See Below


Here we offer you solutions to prevent paint splatters, or if you've not been careful - to remove paint splatters.


Most emulsions or water based exterior masonry paint splatters can be removed with minimal effort with an unusual strong but safe to use cleaner appropriately called OOPS! Check out OOPS Below.

Oil based paint splatters, while more difficult to remove than water based variety, can be softened and removed with Pevalin (hand Cleaner) below. Painter Decorators have told us that they have had great success with this on tricky items such as laeather chairs, lacquered floors etc. See Pevalin Below.


We offer you 5 options here. 

  • Windows... Check out Protecta Window, protective self cling window film See Protecta Window Below
  • Carpets... Check out a very useful item  Protecta Carpet Below
  • Drifting Overspray... Discover a dust and overspray stopper which fits in minutes to most door openings... See Dust n' Dirt Stopper Below
  • Hardwood Floors, Kitchen units... Here again we offer a handy protective film.. See Multi Use Red Protective Film Below
  • Airless Spraying / Painting... A practical way to keep paint where you want it is our Spray Shields. See Pro-Shield Below.