I would be grateful if you know of a remedy for rust stains on the stone (or concrete) slabs on my patio. I tried a patio cleaner bought from a supermarket, also bleach. Both have helped a litt le but haven’t made much difference. (Jacqueline Perry,  Mt. Merrion).

I touched on a subject similar to this a few months ago but we keep being asked. I’ve tried many products on similar rust stains but I must say that most of them don’t work, or if they do, only partially just like your experience. The only stuff I found worked pretty good in this situation was a product called Net-Trol which is an environmentally friendly concentrate you can dab directly on to the stain after wetting it first. Leave it for about twenty minutes and then give it a slight scrub. All you do then is rinse off and your stain should be gone. I used it on a bad rust stain left by an aerial bracket and it worked for me. Net-Trol should be available in most of the better paint outlets. I got mine in a place near you called Stillorgan Décor where I found the staff exceptionally helpful indeed, hence the plug.