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  • Cold House, Hard To Heat, Loses Heat Quickly
  • Decking, Cladding, Hardwood Garden Furniture, Fencing 
  • Faded Wood, Plastics, Paintwork, Fibreglass 
  • Home Maintenance Problems - Miscellaneous
  • Mould, Mildew, Condensation on Walls, Ceilings etc
  • Painting Related... Brush Marks, Peeling Paint, Shiny Surfaces etc 
  • Rust, Corrosion, Plant, Machinery 
  • Rust, Corrosion, Structural
  • Rust, Corrosion, Vehicles, Vintage - Classic
  • Tiles Bathrooms, Kitchens etc
  • Water Penetration / Leaks 
21 Jun How to Restore Faded and Peeled Teak Windows?
0 881
My teak windows and doors were varnished but they have peeled and faded and look awful, what can I do? (M McCarthy  Blanchardstown)All is not lost but a bit of elbow grease will be required to get the..
21 Jun How to Restore Swollen Wood?
0 896
Here's a problem that several people have asked about, i.e. water or moisture getting onto wood, chipboard, etc causing it to swell and become both unsightly and in many cases needing replacement.Allo..
21 Jun How to Paint Special Effects/ Sponging Effects on Your Walls?
0 877
I would like to do some painting special effects like sponging etc around the house, what is the best way to go about it? (Martina Caldwell, Blackrock).This is an area where you can really let your cr..
21 Jun How to Clean and Remove Rust from Old Granite and Steel Railings?
0 902
We recently moved into an old house which has granite walls and steps out front, with a steel railing mounted on top of the granite wall. The granite is covered with about 50 years worth of general po..
21 Jun How to Remove Rust & Stain from Old Edwardian Cast Iron Gutters & Down Pipes?
0 1391
My house has old Edwardian cast iron gutters and down pipes that are quite rusty, what can I do to protect them from further deterioration?  (J Whelan Glasnevin)Remove all debris and clean them as bes..
21 Jun Rusty Cast Iron Gutters
0 511
My house has old Edwardian cast iron gutters and down pipes that are quite rusty, what can I do to protect them from further deterioration?  (J Whelan Glasnevin)Yes, remove all debris and clean them a..
21 Jun Restore Rusty Gates
0 678
I have badly rusted gates and railings which I’ve painted with all sorts of stuff but with very poor results, help please! (G Meehan Clontarf).There is now available to the general public a super meth..
21 Jun Porch Paint Peeling
0 437
Last year, some time after plastering and painting the inside of our porch after, the paint began to blister, & if we painted over it, it would blister again. Could the walls be damp or is there anyth..
21 Jun Painting PVC Doors
0 437
I was hoping to change the colour of my PVC windows and doors, but don’t know how to go about it. (M Crehan Raheny.)You can paint those PVC windows and doors any colour you like thanks to a clever new..
21 Jun Painting Over Vinyl Wallpaper
0 463
Two of my kids bedrooms have old vinyl wallpaper and I would like to paint them instead, but do I have to strip offall the old paper first before painting. (Karen Mulligan, Dalkey)If your wallpaper is..
21 Jun Painting Our New Home
0 300
We are moving to a new house that we’ve decided to paint ourselves, and are wondering if the new plaster on the walls and ceilings should be given a coat of primer or is there any products that you re..
21 Jun Painting alu And PVC Windows/Doors
0 275
Q. Can I paint bronze coloured aluminium windows and doors to a white?(E Nolan Monkstown)Yes, but you need a special primer though to make the paint stick to the aluminium and the natural colour beadi..
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