I have four smoke glass mirrors floor to ceiling. I have found it impossible to keep them clean. The room is south facing and when the sun shines in the smears and streaks appear all over the mirrors. I have used every product on the market for the purpose of cleaning glass and mirrors and none of them have worked for me. Hot water and vinegar and newspaper were also useless. I would consider covering the mirrors with sheets of narrow plywood if there was a way of attaching them to the mirrors which act as sliding doors. 

Without seeing the doors in reality it is difficult to say how effective the attachment of plywood panels might be. Only a qualified carpenter could give a definitive answer on that issue. It does sound like you would have to take the glass out and replace it with the appropriate thickness and finish of wood and perhaps fit edges etc to take the bare look off it. Sounds possible though.

Another option if it suits your situation, would be to camouflage the mirror doors by painting them. You may think that is not possible, but in actual fact it is very possible. Here’s how.

Wash all areas to be painted with sugar soap and warm water and dry off fully with a lint free cloth.

Next decide what colour matches in with the surrounding area and pick up about 2 litres of oil based gloss or satin as well as a tin of ESP special shiny surface primer to give the paint a grip on the mirrors. If you want a really smooth as glass finish on the end result, it would be a good idea to get yourself a small tin of Owatrol oil as well, I’ll explain why later. Following instructions on the can, prepare the doors with the ESP using a clean lint-free cloth and make sure you apply it to all areas you intend to paint. It is quite easy to do this, just take your time and be careful. Next all you have to do is apply two coats of the gloss. Mix in about 20% of the Owatrol oil in your first coat as this will make the paint flow out very smooth like the glass itself and will not show up ugly brush marks or streaks. It will also help with the paint adhesion. Next day or thereabouts when the first coat has dried apply a second coat of the same paint, but this time add in just enough Owatrol oil to enable it flow on smoothly, Aprox 10%. Do not be tempted to ‘test’ the adhesion with finger nails etc next day – you must leave for a week for cured paint to harden. The end result should look like there is no glass doors there at all only painted panels. The only downside I see here is that you will know they are glass panels but somebody else who comes into your house may not be aware of the transformation and bang against them causing an accident. So think about that. Another idea if you wish would be to mask off a few nice patterns on the doors to leave some of the mirror looking out after the job is done. Food for thought. Any of the big paint stores in your area should have all your needs. Good luck.