Some years ago I had the front garden covered in mass concrete which was moulded to look like cobble stones. They used a cellulose with black powder to finish. Now it needs to be recovered again and I cannot get in touch with the firm who installed it so would you know where I could get the cellulose and black powder so that I could do it myself? 

(T Maxwell  D 12)

No surprises that you could not get in contact with the original firm who did the job. I’ve never come across products like the ones you mention in any hardware or paint store and my guess is that the stuff is usually put on by trained applicators. You could try using the E-B mixed 50:50 with whatever colour exterior emulsion that matches or else paint the lot with a new colour. Otherwise, my suggestion would be to check out the Paving & Kerbing Contractors who advertise in this paper and also look them up in the Golden pages where you will find many doing what they describe as Pattern Imprinted Concrete. Who knows, you might even find the guys who originally did the job in among the adverts! By the way, E-B, I’m told is available at Wigoders Long Mile Rd, or Smiths Greenhills rd out beside you.