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21 Jun Painting Our New Home
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We are moving to a new house that we’ve decided to paint ourselves, and are wondering if the new plaster on the walls and ceilings should be given a coat of primer or is there any products that you re..
21 Jun How To Avoid Brushmarks & Streaks In Your Paint Job
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I love your column. Some time back you wrote about how to avoid streaks in paint and you recommended two brands of mixture. As I’ve mislaid the article could you please let me know what they were and ..
20 Jun Cleaning Marble Fireplace And 5 Painting Tips
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I have a marble fireplace, and over the years have been treating it with linseed oil which has now built up a coating. I was wondering what would be the best way to clean it off? Only recently I have ..
20 Jun Ceiling Paint Peeling
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My problem is that paint always peels off the ceiling in a particular room only a couple of months after re-painting it. There is no dampness but yet it just flakes off.This problem is very common on ..
19 Jun A Few Ideas On Painting Your Home
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Make your next home painting job easier First, keep a record of how much paint it takes to cover each room by writing the amount in a log you can keep in your records file or shed. Before putting t..
19 Jun Brighten up the Dull, Tired Kitchen
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My kitchen units are looking very tired and I would like to brighten them up. Can I paint them? They are a matte brown and white.   The answer is a definite yes, provided you don’t mind a bit of wor..
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