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21 Jun Porch Paint Peeling
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Last year, some time after plastering and painting the inside of our porch after, the paint began to blister, & if we painted over it, it would blister again. Could the walls be damp or is there anyth..
20 Jun Dark Wall Paint Job And New Garden Furniture
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I’ve just purchased a set of hardwood garden chairs and table from my local DIY store. When I asked what I should do to protect it, the chap did not seem too sure. He suggested to oil them, any advice..
19 Jun Peeling Paint on Seafront
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I live right on the seafront and am fed up to the teeth with paint peeling off most of the sea facing exterior walls. We’ve had several different painters do re-paints over the years, and despite the ..
19 Jun Oil Paints Peeling Off Garden Wall
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Paint Flaking Off My Garden WallI have a small wall in my front garden which has been painted with oil paint but it flakes off. Last year, I scraped it all off. I applied an undercoat and thin gloss b..
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