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21 Jun Painting Over Vinyl Wallpaper
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Two of my kids bedrooms have old vinyl wallpaper and I would like to paint them instead, but do I have to strip offall the old paper first before painting. (Karen Mulligan, Dalkey)If your wallpaper is..
20 Jun Cleaning Marble Fireplace And 5 Painting Tips
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I have a marble fireplace, and over the years have been treating it with linseed oil which has now built up a coating. I was wondering what would be the best way to clean it off? Only recently I have ..
20 Jun Ceiling Paint Peeling
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My problem is that paint always peels off the ceiling in a particular room only a couple of months after re-painting it. There is no dampness but yet it just flakes off.This problem is very common on ..
19 Jun Brighten up the Dull, Tired Kitchen
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My kitchen units are looking very tired and I would like to brighten them up. Can I paint them? They are a matte brown and white.   The answer is a definite yes, provided you don’t mind a bit of wor..
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