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21 Jun How to Clean and Remove Rust from Old Granite and Steel Railings?
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We recently moved into an old house which has granite walls and steps out front, with a steel railing mounted on top of the granite wall. The granite is covered with about 50 years worth of general po..
21 Jun How to Remove Rust & Stain from Old Edwardian Cast Iron Gutters & Down Pipes?
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My house has old Edwardian cast iron gutters and down pipes that are quite rusty, what can I do to protect them from further deterioration?  (J Whelan Glasnevin)Remove all debris and clean them as bes..
21 Jun Restore Rusty Gates
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I have badly rusted gates and railings which I’ve painted with all sorts of stuff but with very poor results, help please! (G Meehan Clontarf).There is now available to the general public a super meth..
21 Jun Have You A Cure For Rusty Gates
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My gates and railings are very badly rusted. I've used several of the well known products I saw on the telly over the years with little success. It is a lot of hard work, and as I'm getting on I do no..
19 Jun Rusted tubular steel
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Q. I have tubular metal garden chairs that I bought some years ago. They are attractive chairs with strap-on soft backs and seat covers. They have been out in all weather and all of them have patches ..
26 Apr Rust, Corrosion, Vehicles, Vintage - Classic
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So, the first step is to remove any loose rust as best you can. Coat the steel with Owatrol Oil which can be applied by brush, roll, or spray. On horizontal areas where too much applied Owatrol Oil ma..
26 Apr Rust, Corrosion, Structural Problem
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The Solution is easier than you might imagine.Remove all loose pieces of concrete. Use a hammer and an appropriate chisel. (Always use eye protection in case of flying material)Apply Owatrol Oil on to..
11 Apr How to Remove Rust, Corrosion From Plant, Machinery etc?
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First step is remove all the loose rust blisters and rust flakes, peeling paint etc. The quickest way to do this is with a power washer, hot preferably to remove grease also.You can use sand blast but..
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