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Brand: Homax
Homax Fibreglass Mesh Tape for Cracks etc  Fibreglass Mesh Tape is a strong reinforcing tape that strengthens joint between drywall boards to resist movement damage.   Product Usages   Self adhesive tape reduces taping time with no bedding 'mud' required. Ideal for a..
Ex Tax:€5.47
Brand: Homax
Suitable for any kind of paint.  Can be used in many locations including decking, ladders, stairways, ramps, handrails and porches.  Suitable for any kind of paint.  Keep a Packet Handy for your next painting project.  One packet is suitable for 4L paint...
Ex Tax:€7.95
Brand: Homax
A peel’n stick protective patch for use on walls where door knob may cause or has caused damage, a problem common on drywall.  Wall Guard is backed with foam to absorb the impact of doors knob.   Wall Guards can be painted or wallpapered to match surrounding area. ..
Ex Tax:€5.97
Brand: Homax
Anyone can patch a hole in drywall in minutes with the Wall Patch   Metal self-adhesive patch adheres to wall to cover hole just spackle and paint to finish. The easiest way to permanently patch holes in drywall.  Three easy steps and your damaged wall is fixed. Easy..
Ex Tax:€8.20
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