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Compo-Clean - Environmentally Friendly Cleaner and Degreaser for Composite Woods

Compo-Clean - Environmentally Friendly Cleaner and Degreaser for Composite Woods
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44th year in business!
44th year in business!
Only proven formulas!
Only proven formulas!
Trusted by thousands of professionals
Trusted by thousands of professionals
Products so good they seem magic!
Products so good they seem magic!

Water-Based and Environmentally Friendly Solution

Compo-Clean... Cleaner Degreaser For Composite Woods,  Water based, Enviro Friendly  


  • Waterbased - Environmentally friendly. 
  • Removes surface and ground in dirt. 
  • Fast acting - from 5 minutes depending on the condition of the surface being cleaned. 
  • Gel formula - 
  • Does not run. Easy to apply. Does not contain solvents or paraffin. Will not attack plastic pool liners, stone, glass...    


  • Exterior use. 
  • All types of composite wood. 
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces. 
  • Ideal for grooved decking.    


  • Always test a small area first. 
  • Protect all areas not to be cleaned, plants, shrubs etc including and especially Aluminum parts. 
  • Wear suitable protection - gloves (rubber/nitrile), goggles or visor, clothing.    


  • Apply a thick layer of COMPO-CLEAN to the area to be cleaned. Large areas should be cleaned in smaller sections. 
  • Leave the product to work for 5 minutes (longer if necessary depending on the nature of the dirt and contamination). 
  • Scrub with a stiff nylon or synthetic brush. 
  • Rinse with plenty of fresh clean water using the highest pressure source available or use a power washer (max 50 bars). If required repeat above procedure - difficult/stubborn staining. Allow surface to dry 2/3 good drying days before applying chosen finish.      

Coverage : 5 to 10 m²/l 

Application tools : brush - roller - hose or pressure washer 

Application temperature : +5°C to +35°C   

Working time : 5 min.   

Clean-up : water 

Get Your Composite Decking Back To Like New Again With Compo-Clean From Owatrol.

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