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Painting Rusted Railings, Gates

Brand: Owatrol
Highly Flexible, No Peel, Anti-Corrosive High Gloss Aluminium Paint Finish For ALL Surfaces High gloss aluminium appearance Excellent penetrating and adhesion properties – does not flake or peel Decorative insulating film – high temperature resistance up to 175°C Excellent abrasion ..
Ex Tax:€22.05
Owatrol AP 60 Primer / Finish Coat
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Brand: Owatrol
Owatrol AP60 is an anti-corrosive primer for protecting both new and old rusted surfaces. It penetrates below the residual rust, saturating it, and seals the underlying sound surface to form a stable layer. This gives exceptional protection against corrosion and weathering and creates a strong, stab..
Ex Tax:€20.40
Brand: Owatrol
Owatrol Deco is an oil-based, non-peel multi-surface paint suitable for all surfaces with built-in rust-inhibiting qualities. It comes in 13 decorative finishes and does not require any priming or undercoating before use. With Owatrol Oil technology, Owatrol Deco provides exceptional ..
Ex Tax:€20.92
Owatrol Oil for Rust
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Brand: Owatrol
Owatrol is a powerful metal rust remover, rust treatment which Gets To The Root Of The Problem... Expels Moisture And Oxygen = Rust Food  Owatrol Oil solves the root cause of the rust problem. Owatrol Oil penetrates deep down into the smallest micro pores of t..
Ex Tax:€6.62
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