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Protecta Carpet™ Dispensers are purpose made dispensers enabling quick and easy application for our self-adhesive Protecta Carpet™ floor protection film. Price quoted is for the standard 600mm version. A larger version 1.2 meters is also available @ € 97.50 plus VAT. T..
Ex Tax:€79.50
One size fits all adjustable Cardboard head band Fully recyclable/disposable Anti-mist non-permeable protective film..
Ex Tax:€140.00
High impact foam profile provides exceptional protection from accidental damage.  Designed to fit most jamb widths and heights it is very quickly applied by simply pushing into place, can be cut to length and is also completely reusable. Protecta Screen Foam Jamb Guard™ is completel..
Ex Tax:€12.65
Double Safe Tape has a low tack adhesive tape on one side - for adhering to most sensitive surfaces while the reverse side is high tack - for adhering to the protection product. To download the full Igoe Protecta Catalogue & price list please click link below: Igoe Protecta Catalogue..
Ex Tax:€9.97
Handrail Protector is an impact-resistant foam protector for the handrails of stairways. Its specially constructed shape allows it to grip handrails and fit securely in place to protect it from frequent knocks and bumps when transferring large or heavy items up or down stairs. The Handrail Pro..
Ex Tax:€3.95
Glass Safe Tape is specially formulated to adhere protection materials directly to glass without leaving residue upon removal. The film must be stored at temperature <40°C and used within 6 months from date of receipt. Materials must be conditioned for at least 24/48 hours at room temperature pri..
Ex Tax:€15.95
Hard Wearing Work Gloves that can be re-used ideal for working (warehousing / garages / stores etc) prices €1.75 per set of gloves and they come in packs of 12 or boxes of 100..
Ex Tax:€21.00
Brand: Dermosept
Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 70 % Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel protects you from transference of germs from your hands. Rinse Free, Non sticky, pleasant odour. Enriched with moisturizers that doesn't let your hands dry up and leaves them 99.9 percent germ-free. Nice Natural Sm..
Ex Tax:€2.50
5 x K N95 Masks & 5 x 100ml 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser. 70 % Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitizer protects you from transference of germs from your hands. Rinse Free and Non sticky. Enriched with Moisturizers that doesn't let your hands dry up and leave them 99.9 per..
Ex Tax:€25.00
KN95 Face Masks ( FFP2 ) Respirators @ €2.00 each or €2.50 each (depending on chosen quantity)  High Quality Covid 19 respirator Face Masks with a 95% air filtration rate, proven to be most effective at preventing spread of the corona virus. Packs of: 10, 50, 100, 500 @€2.50 ..
Ex Tax:€25.00
Self-adhesive film, quickly and simply applied to most hard surfaces such as worktops and kitchen units and protects against scratches, dirt, dust, spills and splashes. Specially formulated, Multi-Use Red™ removes clean and its obvious colour sends a clear signal that it is protecting a finished..
Ex Tax:€63.82
Foam Jamb Guard FR™ is a high impact foam profile that provides outstanding protection from accidental impact and damage to door frames during construction or refurbishment.  The foam profiles are pre-slit to clip effortlessly to jambs up to 2000 mm wide without the need for additional tapin..
Ex Tax:€14.50
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