I was hoping to change the colour of my PVC windows and doors, but don’t know how to go about it. (M Crehan Raheny.)

You can paint those PVC windows and doors any colour you like thanks to a clever new product called ESP (short for easy surface prep) now readily available in practically any hardware, or paint store.

I would suggest you choose an oil based satin or gloss paint to do the job for maximum durability.

Now, to do the job all you have to do is get a clean lint free cloth, soak it with ESP and wipe it all over the surfaces you wish to paint. Do one window at a time. After 10 minutes, get another clean, lint free cloth and wipe off gently. This is a cleaning action as well as removing excess ESP film.

Leave that to cure for at least 90 minutes at normal room temperature and after that you are ready to apply your gloss or whatever.

In case you are unsure if the paint will stick, you will know as soon as you start to apply the paint, i.e. if the paint starts to crawl or run away from the brush you have not applied the ESP properly. If this happens, just re treat that area with ESP. On the other hand, if the paint goes on in the normal way, everything should be ok.

When you are finished applying the ESP, dispose of the cloth properly as per instructions on the tin.

Another tip to ensure you get a lovely smooth, brush-free finish is to add some Owatrol oil to the paint if it feels  draggy or heavy. This will also help with paint adhesion.