Do you have a simple “cure” for a hole in a drywall partition caused by a door handle? 

(Judy Gleeson, Finglas.)

There is a cure which is very simple to implement. I’ve recently come across and used a new American product aptly named  Wall Patch. It is a galvanised metal patch with self-adhesive backing which permanently repairs holes in walls, or ceilings. They are ideal for a quick repair of interior drywall and plaster surfaces. The Wall Patch is available in 2 sizes 6x6” and 8x8” at most good hardware or paint stores.

Actually, there is also available a product called Wall Guard which works to prevent the above damage in the first place. The Wall Guard is also a stick-on idea which is designed to absorb the banging of a door knob etc.

I have old bedroom walls which are not the best for painting as they are a bit rough, any                  

suggestions? (Paddy McMahon, Beaumount)

Normally people cover up walls of that nature with a lining paper followed by wallpaper, or simply apply paint directly on top of the lining paper which can look reasonable.

There is another new idea recently introduced to Ireland called Paint’N Tex which is like a sand mixture you add to any paint and simply roll on. It is available in three grades coarse, medium and fine.

The beauty of this stuff is that it gives the wall a lovely textured finish while completely camouflaging the bad surface. All above products should be available in good hardware or paint stores.

How do I get candle wax off delicate glass globes without breaking them, I’ve tried scraping it off and found it almost impossible?                      (Philomena Kelly Cabra).

Believe it or not, I broke a lovely glass globe trying to do the same thing. Later I discovered an amazingly simple solution to this common problem which is: soak the glass in reasonably hot (not boiling) water with ample washing up liquid added. Leave for 15 minutes or so and you should find that the wax slides off with the greatest of ease with an ordinary dish washing brush!