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21 Jun Give That Tired Wooden Garden Furniture A Whole New Lease Of Life
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If your PVC or wooden garden table, benches or chairs look like they’ve been dragged up from the bottom of the sea don’t despair, a simple, and highly cost effective solution is at hand that the avera..
21 Jun Garden Wooden Tables etc
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Yes, at last the longer evenings are coming in, and people are beginning to cast their eyes outdoors once again.Outside, you’ve got the patio, or deck if you are really with it, and maybe some wooden ..
21 Jun Garden Furniture
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My wooden garden chairs and table have faded terribly and look very dry, should I  varnish them or is there another option? (James Moran  Rathmines).Some people like to simply leave garden chairs etc ..
20 Jun Dark Wall Paint Job And New Garden Furniture
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I’ve just purchased a set of hardwood garden chairs and table from my local DIY store. When I asked what I should do to protect it, the chap did not seem too sure. He suggested to oil them, any advice..
19 Jun Freshen Up Your Tired Garden Furniture
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Is your PVC or wooden garden table, benches or chairs looking the worse for the wear? Not to worry, here are a few simple, and highly cost effective solutions that the average man or woman can easily ..
19 Jun Rusted tubular steel
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Q. I have tubular metal garden chairs that I bought some years ago. They are attractive chairs with strap-on soft backs and seat covers. They have been out in all weather and all of them have patches ..
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