If your PVC or wooden garden table, benches or chairs look like they’ve been dragged up from the bottom of the sea don’t despair, a simple, and highly cost effective solution is at hand that the average DIY’er can easily take on.

Let’s take the wooden type first.
Firstly, If you’ve just bought new wooden garden furniture, I recommend two coats of Textrol to keep them right in the first place. Every other year or so, just apply one top-up coat and that’s it. It’s a dead easy to apply.

All too often, tables, chairs and benches etc are either treated with the wrong finish resulting in peeling, etc. or not treated at all leaving them to the mercy of the elements.

Here’s a few simple steps that will breathe a new lease of life back into them.
If coated with an old varnish, remove it with a stripper following makers instructions. Next wet surface completely and apply a coat of a great new product called Net-Trol. Leave the Net-Trol for about 20 minutes and then agitate with a stiff brush. (Read instructions)  Rinse off with a hose or a power washer (at low to medium pressure) and when dry your wood will be back to how it looked on day one more or less. 
Note: If any rust present near screws etc, spot prime with Owatrol oil and let dry.
Next, to keep them looking good, apply 2 coats of clear, penetrating Textrol one after the other for a lovely natural matt finish. (wipe off any excess and do not allow to pond”.  If you are really fussy, apply several coats of Deks Olje D1 as used on wooden boats (including the Asgard sailing ship) which also gives a matt finish, and if you want a high durable, yet flexible gloss finish, apply a few coats of Deks Olje D2 afterwards.

For a totally different look, you could also use a “stain” of any colour oil based paint, mixed 50:50 with Owatrol oil.

Plastic garden furniture.
You can clean them up really well with the Net-Trol used in the same way. When completely dry, apply a light coat of Owatrol oil with a clean cloth and buff to a shine. If you can get your hands on a product called Polytrol it will buff a bit easier than the Owatrol. If you want to change the colour, use E.S.P. followed by any oil based paint that takes your fancy. The same applies to plastic downpipes, gutters etc. Now you’ve got no excuse, just get to it, and then sit back and enjoy.
All above products should be available in most of the better paint or DIY outlets around the country.
If you cannot obtain them you could also contact the distributors
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