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19 Jun Oil Paints Peeling Off Garden Wall
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Paint Flaking Off My Garden WallI have a small wall in my front garden which has been painted with oil paint but it flakes off. Last year, I scraped it all off. I applied an undercoat and thin gloss b..
19 Jun Freshen Up Your Tired Garden Furniture
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Is your PVC or wooden garden table, benches or chairs looking the worse for the wear? Not to worry, here are a few simple, and highly cost effective solutions that the average man or woman can easily ..
19 Jun Garden Furniture
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I bought a lovely set of wooden garden table and chairs last year and already they have become very faded and dried out looking. What are my options. Should I varnish them?  Many people leave their lo..
19 Jun Rusted tubular steel
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Q. I have tubular metal garden chairs that I bought some years ago. They are attractive chairs with strap-on soft backs and seat covers. They have been out in all weather and all of them have patches ..
27 Apr Basement Waterproofing
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Basements can be waterproofed in new constructions or often an existing building can suffer from waterproofing of dampness issues.Basements and even walls can be troubled with failed damp proof membra..
27 Apr Walls - Old or New Concrete, Brick, Render, Block etc
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We offer a wide range of solutions for both sides of any wall.Interior Wall Solutions- Insulation / Anti-Condensation Paint Solutions- Mould Solution Systems- Damp Proofing Systems (tanking, DPC injec..
27 Apr Floors, Decks & Drives
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We offer a wide range of solutions for interior and exterior floors.. Freshen up the look of your floor today by adding some colour or anti-slip finish.We offer a wide range of flooring systems for a ..
26 Apr Roofs - OSB / PLY / Felt / Asphalt / Concrete / Asbestos etc
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Our liquid rubber roofing & waterproofing systems are ideal for the refurbishment or new construction of all types of flat roofs, including warm roofs, cold roofs, balconies, or terraces.Whether it's ..
26 Apr Stone, Masonry, Brickwork, Concrete, Plaster, Render
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This section relates to masonry, brick etcBrickwork, external render, pebble dash, natural stone, concrete make up the majority of substrates covered in this section.Issues such as cleaning, waterproo..
26 Apr Plastics, Fibreglass, PVC, Glass etc
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This section deals with things made of plastic, fibreglass, ceramics, glass.The biggest problem we find is when those materials fade or become dull from UV damage and general weathering. Typical examp..
26 Apr Metals - Steel, Alu, Brass, Stainless etc
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This section relates to metal-related products.This section deals with things made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and cast iron.Big issues with metals are preservation in the case..
26 Apr Wood, Laminates , Plywood, Composite
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This section refers to items made of wood.Wood or timber whichever you prefer to call it comes in a very wide variety of types. To keep it simple, we will categorise it into two main sections - hardwo..
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