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21 Jun Garden Wooden Tables etc
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Yes, at last the longer evenings are coming in, and people are beginning to cast their eyes outdoors once again.Outside, you’ve got the patio, or deck if you are really with it, and maybe some wooden ..
21 Jun Garden Furniture
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My wooden garden chairs and table have faded terribly and look very dry, should I  varnish them or is there another option? (James Moran  Rathmines).Some people like to simply leave garden chairs etc ..
21 Jun Flaking SIlls
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Q Can you please recommend a removal agent for old concrete external sills having layers of flaking white paint? I also intend re-painting them black. How should I retreat (if necessary) and what pain..
21 Jun Dusty Concrete Floor
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I got a shed built thirty years ago, the concrete floor is thick with dust and the more I sweep it , the worse it seems to get. How can I treat it?    (M Forde. D12)Concrete floors can be a pain, espe..
21 Jun Drywall Repair Wall Patch
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Do you have a simple “cure” for a hole in a drywall partition caused by a door handle? (Judy Gleeson, Finglas.)There is a cure which is very simple to implement. I’ve recently come across and used a n..
20 Jun Do I Need To Treat My Pressure Treated Deck
0 197
I recently purchased some good quality pressure treated deck timber that I'm planning to install myself. Do your comments on Seasonite refer to pressure treated timber as well as non pressure treated ..
20 Jun Distemper, To Paint On Top
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We just moved into an old house which I’m told has distempered walls, what is the best way to re-paint them with the least amount of trouble? (Angela Mitchell  Rathgar)Distemper is an old painting met..
20 Jun Dirty Looking Tile Grout
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Scores of readers are writing in asking about something to clean or renew dirty looking, mouldy tile grout in bathrooms and kitchens.I've checked out a couple of products specifically for treating thi..
20 Jun Dark Wall Paint Job And New Garden Furniture
0 221
I’ve just purchased a set of hardwood garden chairs and table from my local DIY store. When I asked what I should do to protect it, the chap did not seem too sure. He suggested to oil them, any advice..
20 Jun Dark Grey With White
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We just bought a house that is painted a very dark grey and want to paint it white. The surface is flaking in many areas what is the best way to get this job done? (Ann McBride D 7)Sweep off all the f..
20 Jun Conflicting Deck Care Advice
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I’ve just had a new cedar deck fitted in my back garden, and I’m wondering how long can or should I wait before staining it? Everybody I’ve asked so far has different advice to offer ranging from the ..
20 Jun Coloured Paving
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Some years ago I had the front garden covered in mass concrete which was moulded to look like cobble stones. They used a cellulose with black powder to finish. Now it needs to be recovered again and I..
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