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26 Apr Dampness Moisture Related
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Our high quality damp proofing solutions are ideal for new builds and restoration project. From waterproofing your basement all the way up to your roof, we have you covered. Contact us today for more ..
26 Apr Slippery Floors, Walkways & Paths / Floor Coatings and Sealers
0 789
Liquid solutions can be ideal for floors both inside and outside the home or business, and brighten up any type of floor with an apt system.Floors can be made like new in different ways with just a fe..
26 Apr Water Penetration / Leaks / Waterproofing
0 805
Highest quality waterproofing systmems from your roof all the way down to your basement, we have you covered and kept dry. - Roof Waterproofing: High quality, seamless, flexible, easy application liqu..
26 Apr Grout/Dirty Looking Tiles Bathrooms, Kitchens, Re Whiten
0 801
Grout Colour Restorer (White Only)Tile Guard Tile Grout Coating makes your grubby tile grout look like new again. One of our fastest selling items it is simple and fast to apply.Unlike the familiar gr..
26 Apr Rust, Corrosion, Vehicles, Vintage - Classic
0 647
So, the first step is to remove any loose rust as best you can. Coat the steel with Owatrol Oil which can be applied by brush, roll, or spray. On horizontal areas where too much applied Owatrol Oil ma..
26 Apr Rust, Corrosion, Structural Problem
0 1011
The Solution is easier than you might imagine.Remove all loose pieces of concrete. Use a hammer and an appropriate chisel. (Always use eye protection in case of flying material)Apply Owatrol Oil on to..
11 Apr How to Remove Rust, Corrosion From Plant, Machinery etc?
0 1134
First step is remove all the loose rust blisters and rust flakes, peeling paint etc. The quickest way to do this is with a power washer, hot preferably to remove grease also.You can use sand blast but..
11 Apr Painting Related... Brush Marks, Peeling Paint, Shiny Surfaces etc
0 986
Select whichever one(s) you need solution for and there you will find your answers. See below.PAINT BRUSH MARKS, PAINT ROLLER MARKSYou went to great trouble to prepare for that painting job, masking, ..
11 Apr Damaged Drywall? - Problem Solved
0 923
If you've got holes in your drywall, we've got a simple, quick solution. Use the Wall Patch to cover the area and re plaster to finish. If hole damage was caused by a door handle / knob - consider att..
05 Apr Decking, Cladding, Hardwood Garden Furniture, Fencing
0 808
DECKING OIL PEELING OFFWeathered / Dirty Decking / Hardwood Garden Furniture, Cladding... Previously Oiled/treated:Unlike the Net-Trol solution for faded, dirty un-oiled wood etc, for a proper solutio..
21 Feb Solution of Faded Wood, Plastics, Paintwork, Fibreglass
0 1057
Many things become faded from the Sun's rays / UV damage. We have two products designed specially to revive a variety of substrates. Wood can be brought back to its original look within 30 minutes wit..
21 Feb Masonry Structural Repair
0 2250
We provide different types of systems for all your Structural Masonry Repairs. Structural Repair Systems:1. Crack Stitching Bars are resilient helical-shaped bars to reinforce cracked masonry and to h..
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