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21 Jun Painting Our New Home
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We are moving to a new house that we’ve decided to paint ourselves, and are wondering if the new plaster on the walls and ceilings should be given a coat of primer or is there any products that you re..
21 Jun Painting alu And PVC Windows/Doors
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Q. Can I paint bronze coloured aluminium windows and doors to a white?(E Nolan Monkstown)Yes, but you need a special primer though to make the paint stick to the aluminium and the natural colour beadi..
21 Jun Paint Spatters On Brick
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How do I remove dried-in emulsion spatters from brick?You can try using a paint stripper on the paint spatters. Just apply carefully with an old tooth brush or similarthat doesn't contain any methylen..
21 Jun Paint On Roof Tile
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Emulsion paint got spilt on to the roof tiles of my front porch, I’ve done everything and I cannot remove the paint from the tiles as it seems to have soaked in.  Do I have to replace the roof tiles? ..
21 Jun Owatrol & Floetrol Again
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The articles are great. A few weeks ago you wrote about how to avoid streaks in paint and you recommended two brands of mixture. As I’ve mislaid the article could you please let me know the names and ..
21 Jun Mould On Tile Grout
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The grout on my bathroom and kitchen tiles looks awful no matter what I do to clean them, any ideas?(M Quinn, Artane).Wash the area first as best you can and rinse thoroughly. I’ve only recently come ..
21 Jun Kitchen Tile Paint Job
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Can I repaint the ceramic wall tiles in my kitchen as I would like to change the colour to match some new cabinets.(S Greene, Rathmines).Yes you can. All you have to do is get yourself a one litre tin..
21 Jun Rusty Bike
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Its my daughters birthday in 2 weeks, and we have bought an old bike for her, as new was out of our budget this year. Some of the chromework is a bit rusty, but other than that its not too bad. Hubby ..
21 Jun I Don't Like The Smell Of Paint
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I have loads of decorating to do, but I hate the smell of paint, any ideas? (R Moran D12) Actually there is a clever little product I’ve come across from Australia of all places, called Paint Odour El..
21 Jun How To Avoid Brushmarks & Streaks In Your Paint Job
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I love your column. Some time back you wrote about how to avoid streaks in paint and you recommended two brands of mixture. As I’ve mislaid the article could you please let me know what they were and ..
21 Jun Have You A Cure For Rusty Gates
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My gates and railings are very badly rusted. I've used several of the well known products I saw on the telly over the years with little success. It is a lot of hard work, and as I'm getting on I do no..
21 Jun Give That Tired Wooden Garden Furniture A Whole New Lease Of Life
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If your PVC or wooden garden table, benches or chairs look like they’ve been dragged up from the bottom of the sea don’t despair, a simple, and highly cost effective solution is at hand that the avera..
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