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Painting Related... Brush Marks, Peeling Paint, Shiny Surfaces etc

Brand: Owatrol
Floetrol Saves Hard Work and Time When Painting With Emulsions. Click on the Photos For More Information On Same. Floetrol makes water-based paints flow better, eliminates brush and roller marks, increases hiding power and reduces the number of coats on widely contrasting and weak colours such as..
Ex Tax:€17.54
FEATURES Easy to apply Easy to remove Protects against damage Water Based Apply using a paint brush roller or airless sprayer Available in 250ml, 750ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L tins.  APPLICATIONS Temporary Protection while painting & decorating Protection during sandblast..
Ex Tax:€15.00
Brand: Owatrol
Stir-In Stabilising Solution or Primer 'Welds' Emulsions and Masonry Paints To Virtually Any Surface and Stops That Paint from Peeling Off Later. EB is The First Choice Of the Most Top Rated Professional Painter Decorators for New and Refurb Work!  EB is added to the first coat of any wat..
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Brand: Owatrol
ESP Primer Makes Any Oil Or Water Based Paint Stick To Shiny Smooth Surfaces Without Sanding Or Mess. PROPERTIES:    Cleans old painted or varnished surfaces and leaves a thin grip film before recoating.  Makes oil or water based paints or varnish to stick to any smoot..
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Brand: Owatrol
One Of The Most Amazing Products Ever Put In A Can!   Download FREE eBook That Magic Ingredient - Link below... Discover Why Owatrol Oil Is Now One Of The Most Talked About And Used Home / Property Maintenance Related Products In The World. Used alone... Owatrol..
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Brand: Homax
Suitable for any kind of paint.  Can be used in many locations including decking, ladders, stairways, ramps, handrails and porches.  Suitable for any kind of paint.  Keep a Packet Handy for your next painting project.  One packet is suitable for 4L paint...
Ex Tax:€7.95
Brand: Homax
A peel’n stick protective patch for use on walls where door knob may cause or has caused damage, a problem common on drywall.  Wall Guard is backed with foam to absorb the impact of doors knob.   Wall Guards can be painted or wallpapered to match surrounding area. ..
Ex Tax:€5.97
Brand: Homax
Anyone can patch a hole in drywall in minutes with the Wall Patch   Metal self-adhesive patch adheres to wall to cover hole just spackle and paint to finish. The easiest way to permanently patch holes in drywall.  Three easy steps and your damaged wall is fixed. Easy..
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H2O Primer & Liquid Masking - Walther Strong
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An exceptional finish starts with impeccable masking.  With H2O Liquid Mask® all you need to do is spray it, roll it or paint it on, all over and nice and thick!  No taping or scraping needed for the best finish ever.Paint & PeelExtremely FastClean RemovalDual Purpose Primer & Peel..
Ex Tax:€29.00
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